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Aluminium paste generally consists of microscopic flake-shaped aluminium particles finely dispersed in an organic-solvent or aqueous-based carrier. It is widely used in paints, coatings, and inks, to provide metallic effects and to protect metal and plastic substrates, in applications ranging from automotive and shipbuilding to home applicances, cellphones, and digital cameras.
In handling and use, it is safer than aluminium powders, which may pose a high risk of fire or explosion, but care is nevertheless necessary due to the flammability of its organic solvent, as described in Precautions for Handling and Storage.

Asahi Kasei Aluminum Paste photo4Asahi Kasei Aluminium Paste – distinguishing characteristics
Aluminium paste from Asahi Kasei utilizes flake-shaped aluminium microparticles and organic-solvent carriers. In types ranging from non-leafing design and resin-coated grades to standard non-leafing and leafing grades, it is distinguished from other aluminium pastes by its quality, its functional properties, and its range of metallic effects, colour selections, and fields of application.
Its design grades are particularly outstanding in their superior combination of whiteness, brightness, and fineness, their metallic, flip-flop, and other effects, and their amenability to a broad selection of paint colours. Its resin coated grades are recognized particularly for their outstanding bond strength, chemical resistance, and dielectric strength.

Asahi Kasei Aluminum Paste photo5They are made possible by process and materials technology development at Asahi Kasei – a world-leading chemical company with operations, products, and expertise in a comprehensive spectrum of advanced materials and processes.

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