Care for People, Care for Earth   Contribution through Business Activities

The Asahi Kasei Group launched "Cs+ for Tomorrow 2021," our new three-year medium-term management initiative centered on sustainability, in fiscal 2019. In order to contribute to building a sustainable society, Asahi Kasei will continue contributing to the solutions of diverse social issues through our business activities.

In our medium-term management initiative, we expressed the stance of the Asahi Kasei Group, which will continue contributing to sustainable development for people and the Earth going forward, in the phrase "Care for People, Care for Earth." With this as a perspective on the provision of value that is shared throughout our business activities, we will create new value that leads to a sustainable future in diverse locations and fields.

Social issues and trends→Asahi Kasei Group's business sectors→Value created

Areas of Contribution and Business Examples

* Under development

Priority fields for provision of value Care for People Care for Earth
Material Environment & Energy Clean energy
  1. Battery separators
    1. Hipore™
    2. Celgard™
    3. Daramic™
  2. Alkaline water electrolysis system (green hydrogen)*

Conservation of energy and improvement of the environment
  1. CO2 sensors
  2. Water filtration modules
  3. Ion-exchange membranes

Contribution to low-carbon society
  1. Next-generation CO2 chemistry*
  2. New CO2 separation and recovery system*
Mobility Safety and reliability
  1. Airbag material
  2. Alcohol sensor
  3. Contactless pulse sensing*

Comfortable space
  1. Lamous™ artificial suede
  2. Low VOC material
  3. Air conditioning CO2 sensors
Fuel efficiency
  1. S-SBR for tires
  2. Weight-saving materials
  3. Daramic™ lead-acid battery separator

  1. Lithium-ion battery (LIB) separators
    1. Hipore™
    2. Celgard™
  2. LIB-related materials
Life Material Comfort and convenience
  1. Disposable diaper material
  2. 5G-related (glass fabric, etc.)
  3. Regenerated cellulose fiber

  1. Pharmaceutical and food additives
  2. UVC LEDs for disinfection
Food loss reduction and low environmental impact
  1. Saran Wrap™
  2. Ziploc™
  3. Water-washable printing plates
Homes Home & Living Safety and reliability/Comfort and health
  1. Hebel Haus™ unit homes
  2. Hebel Maison™ apartment buildings
  3. High-quality pre-owned Hebel Haus™ homes
Contribution to the environment
  1. Net zero energy houses/solar power generation systems, etc.
  2. High-performance insulation
Health Care Health Care Acute conditions (critical care and circulatory)
  1. Recomodulin™ anticoagulant
  2. Thermogard System™
  3. Therapeutic apheresis
  4. LifeVest™ wearable defibrillator
  5. Myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction*

Chronic conditions (orthopedics and dialysis)
  1. Teribone™ osteoporosis therapy
  2. Reclast™ osteoporosis therapy
  3. Kevzara™ rheumatoid arthritis therapy
  4. Dialysis products
  5. Autoimmune disease, pain relief*

Provision of safe biopharmaceuticals
  1. Planova™ virus removal filters
  2. Bioprocess equipment