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What is BACLAD™
Manufacturing Process
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BACLADTM is the trade name for Asahi Kasei’s explosion bonded metal composites, manufactured with advanced technology and knowhow gained over many years.

Explosion bonding is a technique to bond two or more similar or dissimilar metals using the energy generated by explosives.

BACLADTM composite metals are used throughout the world in a wide range of demanding fields, including chemical plants, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and power plants.

Asahi Kasei is the leading supplier of explosion bonded composites in Asia, Oceania, and other markets, and has a growing share of the market in Europe and the U.S.

BACLADTM is widely used for corrosion resistant, heat resistant plates and sheets, such as condenser tube sheets in power plants, and tube sheets, shells, and head plates of heat exchangers in chemical plants.

Applications also include plate liners in steel rolling machines, electrodes, cryogenic transition joints, ultra vacuum transition joints, and structural transition joints for LNG carriers and other ships.

Asahi Kasei holds many patents for the manufacture of clad metal composites and their uses, and innovative R&D for new fields of application for BACLADTM is ongoing.

Air photo of Chikushino plant
Air photo of Chikushino plant

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