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Asahi Kasei proposes the solutions on the clad plate and metal bonding for dissimilar or same metal bonding.
In comparison with the other bonding method such as weld overlay, diffusion bonding (roll bonding and HIP), friction joint, friction stir welding, electromagnetic welding, brazing, coating and metal spraying,
followings are what we can offer.
1, bonding of metals in which other technology cannot achieve.
2. higher bonding strength than other technology
3. minimization of metal alloy in the bond zone and bond area

Application Material examples
coating, Capsule
Capsule on carbon steel,
less use of anti-corrosion metal
Stainless steel, Nickel / Nickel alloy, Copper /
Copper alloy, Titanium, Zirconium, Tantalum,
Combined materials Two sides(front / back) with
different properties
High strength, anti-corrosion, heat-resistance, conductivity, electrical heat, heat insulation, abrasion-resistant, lightweight, prevention on contamination, low expansion
Transition Joint Transition Joint for piping Aluminum / Aluminum alloy, Stainless steel, Copper, Titanium
Structural Transition Joint Aluminum / Aluminum alloy, Stainless steel,
Magnesium, Carbon steel
Electrical Transition Joint Copper, Aluminum, Carbon steel, Silver
Vacuum Transition Joint Aluminum / Aluminum alloy, Stainless steel
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