Even greater reduction of lint release*

While maintaining the outstanding characteristics of the conventional BEMCOT M-3, its lint release has been further reduced since this is one of the most important performance features required for wipers for cleanrooms. (*Lint release: Lint 100 μm or larger and visible to the human eye)

Outstanding characteristics of BEMCOTM-3Ⅱ

  • Low wet micro-lint (particles generated in liquid)
  • High absorbency
  • High purity
  • Resistance to solvents
  • Lower lint release has been added

General-purpose wipers for use in a broad range of applications
(Advanced version of M-3 markedly reducing lint release)

Size 250mm×250mm
Style 4-folded
Packing 100 sheets×30bags
Material Cellulose(Cupro 100%)

Lint release (lint 100 μm or larger) Comparison of quantitative analysis results

  • 800 pieces/㎡ <BEMCOT™> M-3Ⅱ [Material]Cellulose(Cupro)
  • 2,000 pieces/㎡ <BEMCOT™> M-3Ⅱ [Material]Cellulose(Cupro)
  • 1,500 pieces/㎡ Knit wiper [Material]Polyester
  • 20,000 pieces/㎡ Short-fiber nonwoven wiper [Material] Rayon and polyester mixed

*A wiper is soaked in deionized water. After a wiper is removed, the water is filtered. The fallen lint left on the filter paper is observed using a microscope to count the number of pieces per square meter.

Lint release was reduced by 60% compared to the company's own BEMCOTM-3

*The above figures are not guaranteed, but rather are measured figures by the company.

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