BEMCOT is a line of wipes for cleanrooms,
made from Bemliese,
the world’s only continuous-filament nonwoven fabric.


What is BEMCOT

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Made from cotton linter, Environmentally friendly,
Top brand as the wipes for cleanrooms

BEMCOT is characterized by its low particle generation, high absorbency, high purity, high chemical resistance, high heat resistance, anti-static, ecoefficincy, enabling the high level of performance required for wipes for cleanrooms.
BEMCOT, the lineup of wipes for cleanrooms that holds the largest share of the domestic market, is used in various manufacturing processes in the electronics fields, such as for semiconductors and flat-panel displays, condensers, print circuit board, solar cells, touch panels and highly-functional films. Asahi Kasei Corporation provides materials for BEMCOT. The BEMCOT lineup is manufactured and sold by OZU CORPORATION.

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Standard products
These are the representative products among the BEMCOT line of wipes. These fine-grade wipes are for quick and easy wiping in cleanrooms and other working environments that demand the lowest levels of lint and particles.
Function-specific products image
Function-specific products
These wipes are designed for specific purposes such as wiping lenses, glass, and other delicate components and surfaces. Various types are available for a broad range of applications.
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Customized products
Wipes in a variety of compositions, forms and sizes can be custom-made responding to a broad range of requirements.
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Related products
A variety of products are available to meet specific needs, such as high-quality facemasks and versatile mops with low lint release and high absorbency.

Aviation wipes

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As a line up of BEMCOT™ series. The only wipes which acquired AMS3819 authorization in Japan.