Acrylic resin DELPOWDER™Overview


DELPOWDER™ is a beads of acrylic resin DELPET™ with the same physical properties. Its main applications are adhesives, artificial marble.


Acrylic resin DELPOWDER™Features

DELPOWDER™ is a beads of acrylic resin.


The average particle size for DELPOWDER™ is 300μm. It is used as a raw material for adhesives and artificial marble.

DELPOWDER™ grades are 720V, 560F, 60N, 80N, 80HD, 70HS, 80NB, SK420N, SK430N, SK540N, PM120N and PM130N. Their physical properties are the same as those of DELPET™ 720V, 560F, 60N, 80N, 80HD, 70HS, 80NB, SK420N, SK430N, SK540N, PM120N and PM130N grades, respectively.

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Acrylic resin DELPOWDER™Handling Precautions

  • The contents of these materials is based on currently available materials, information and data, and may be subject to revision based on new findings.
  • (1) Handling precautions

    Please be sure to read the DELPOWDER™ Handling Precautions listed in the separate Product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before using DELPOWDER™. The main points when handling DELPOWDER™ are as follows. Please use them for the safe handling of DELPOWDER™. Please investigate the safety of additives, etc., used by your company aside from DELPOWDER™.
  • (a) Basic handling precautions

    There is no risk of DELPOWDER™ igniting at room temperature, but avoid unnecessary use of naked flames in the workplace and endeavor to keep materials organized. Avoid residual buildup, as there is a possibility of dust explosions, and install equipment for removing static electricity in equipment such as air transfer equipment, bug filters, hoppers, etc. Spilled powder left on the floor may lead to slips and falls. Please clean up and remove it immediately. When using air powered delivery systems, take measures to prevent dust explosion such as lowering the speed of transportation and lowering the oxygen concentration of air used in such systems.
  • (b) Health and safety precautions

    The main component of the gas generated during drying, melting and resin decomposition of DELPOWDER™ is methyl methacrylate (MMA), which is the raw material monomer. Take care to avoid contact with eyes or skin, or inhalation. Do not touch high-temperature resin directly. For drying and melting, etc., it is necessary to install local exhaust equipment and wear protective equipment (safety glasses, protective gloves, etc.)
  • (c) Combustion-related precautions

    DELPOWDER™ is flammable, and should be handled and stored away from heat and ignition sources. In the event of combustion, incomplete combustion may generate harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. Water, foam, and powder fire extinguishers can be used to extinguish fires involving DELPOWDER™.
  • (d) Precautions when disposing

    DELPOWDER™ waste can be disposed of by landfill or incineration. When disposing of waste by landfill, please entrust it to an authorized industrial waste disposal business operator or local government authority in accordance with the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act. When incinerating waste, use an incineration facility to handle waste in accordance with various laws and regulations such as the Air Pollution Control Act.
    During incineration, incomplete combustion may generate harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. Dispose of empty bags appropriately without reuse or repurposing.
  • (e) Precautions when storing

    DELPOWDER™ is a designated combustible (synthetic resin) under the Fire Service Act. Handle it in accordance with municipal ordinances (fire extinguishing equipment, indoor storage and handling facilities, etc.).
  • (f) Precautions when molding

    To avoid decomposition of resin, please pay attention to the following points.
    Do not allow resin to stay in the processing machine for a long time under high temperature conditions.
    Do not mix any colorants, additives or other resins with DELPOWDER™ other than those specified by Asahi Kasei. Mixing with other substances may significantly degrade the thermal stability of the resin.
  • (2) Conforming standards

    DELPOWDER™is available in grades that comply with various standards including Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, etc. There are grades that have received a confirmation certificate (Japan Hygienic Olefin And Styrene Plastics Association type) (or an equivalent confirmation certificate).Conformance to these standards is determined by specific test methods. Safety as a product should be verified after conducting appropriate tests for the application of use.
  • (3) Others

    Pay attention to industrial property rights, etc., when using DELPOWDER™.
  • (4) Restrictions on use

    Please be sure to contact our representative in advance when using DELPOWDER™ for medical applications, applications involving contact with food and drinking water, cosmetics, toys, sporting goods, and other applications that do not fall under the following prohibited applications of use. We will respond on an individual basis.

    [Prohibited applications of use]
    Do not use in medical instruments or products that come into contact with human tissues or internal bodily fluids over an extended period (30 days or more), or those that touch the mouths of, or may be swallowed by, infants.


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