Introducing the three guiding principles that aim to create new value for the next generation.

A3 [ A-cubic ] is the symbol of your benefits
only from Asahi Kasei

Three Guiding Principles, Three Initials. This is A3 [ A-cubic ].

Aiming to develop ideal materials for people, Asahi Kasei takes a scientific approach to unchanging universal themes. We make a deep impression by studying the comfort and health that fibers bring us. This is why our materials always feel good on the skin, are comfortable on the move, and feel appropriately refreshing while also retaining heat at a level never seen before. A3 [ A-cubic ] is named after Agreeable, Active and Adaptive, the three guiding principles behind the innovative technology required for this achievement.


Agreeable means Refreshing and heat-retaining

Cupro absorbs moisture instantlyTo realize a high level of "refreshing and heat-retaining" properties, temperature and humidity controls are indispensable for comfort when wearing a garment. At Asahi Kasei, we focus on Cupro with its excellent moisture absorption and release properties, and we evaluate the material in a range of environments to develop more comfortable product.

Active means Functional during exercise

Stabilizing bra controls breast movementA material that its "functional during exercise" does not hinder movement, but it also provides support. We are focusing our in-depth research on stretch materials. We also pay attention to body movement and use the latest computer simulation technologies to develop products that control breast movement.

Adaptive means Adaptable and gentle on the skin

Skin chafing testA material that is "adaptable and gentle on the skin" is both tactile and comfortable. We take a variety of approaches to analyzing and measuring the impact of moisture content in the skin and chafing. We also evaluate comfort by measuring the pulse wave, heat rate and other physiological reactions.

Many products benefit from the A3 [ A-cubic ] concept.

Paving the Way for a New Future for Fibers at R&D Laboratory for Applied Product.

To develop its range of new materials including the Cupro regenerated cellulose fiber and Roica polyurethane filament, Asahi Kasei has established a research base at R&D Laboratory for Applied Product in Moriyama.

Innovative Technologies Including Proprietary Evaluation Technologies.

At R&D Laboratory for Applied Product, we undertake research on polymers, spinning, processing techniques, ranging from raw materials for synthetic fiber to the finished goods. We have also prepared an environment for upgrading evaluation technologies, and we have constructed proprietary evaluation techniques to promote the development of products with excellent functionality. We have set out new guiding principles to achieve the innovative technologies that will pave the way for the future of fibers: A3 [ A-cubic ].

  • Artificial climate chamberArtificial climate chamber
  • Test mannequinTest mannequin
  • Large electron microscopeLarge electron microscope
  • Circular knit testerCircular knit tester
  • Dye testerDye tester
  • Melting point inspectionMelting point inspection

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