2024/06/20Bemliese™ (冰羽灵™) Wins the "Innovation Award" at China Beauty Expo (CBE)
2024/06/18Bemberg_Italy Launches Instagram Account
2024/06/05World of wipes 2024 international conference
2024/06/03 World of wipes 2024
2024/05/30Bettie x Roganic's Debut Cross-Industry Collaboration Featuring Bemberg™ Lining
2024/05/29Thank you for visiting Asahi Kasei's Bemliese™ at China Beauty EXPO !
2024/05/23China Beauty EXPO is currently underway.
2024/05/21ROICA™ @ Kingpins Show Amsterdam
2024/05/14Intertextile Shanghai Home Textile Exhibition
2024/04/22ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei and TENCEL™ by Lenzing AG Join Forces In Journey Towards Circular Economy
2024/04/08Our website is scheduled server maintenance
2024/04/05Bemberg™ and Anita Dongre Collaborate to Introduce the ‘Azure’ Collection.
2024/03/22From Fashion to Medical Care: How Asahi Kasei's Core Technologies and Innovations Drive the Evolution of Business
2024/03/22Bemberg™ VR Museum Now Open!
2024/01/24Asahi Kasei Fibers Italy participated in GenovaJeans 2023, held in Genova, Italy, from October 5th to October 8th, 2023.
2023/12/25We will exhibit to Neo functional material 2024 in Tokyo Big Sight !
2023/12/21 Neo functional material 2024
2023/12/20A capsule collection was presented at Venice Fashion Week.
2023/11/30Bemberg™ Seminar 2023 was held in India
2023/11/27 Asahi Kasei exhibits at ISPO Munich 2023
2023/11/22ROICA™ @ Kingpins Show - October edition -
2023/11/21Thank you for visiting Asahi Kasei's Bemliese™ at Hygienix 2023!
2023/11/15Our website is scheduled server maintenance
2023/11/14Save the date for ISPO Munich!
2023/11/09 Hygienix 2023
2023/11/08Textile Exchange conference 2023: Showcasing Bemberg
2023/11/07On September 15, 2023, Asahi Kasei Fibers Italia participated in an online ceremony organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
2023/10/30Download: ROICA™ Sustainability Facts
2023/10/18ROICA™ on Stage @Kingpins
2023/10/12We will exhibit to China International Import Expo in Shanghai
2023/10/10 China International Import Expo
2023/10/10Thank you for visiting Asahi Kasei's Bemliese™ at Sustainable Material expo!
2023/10/06Our website is scheduled server maintenance
2023/10/05We are at Sustainable Material expo. Don't forget to visit our stands.
2023/10/04Save the date for The Kingpins Show!
2023/09/22 Highly-functional Material Week
2023/09/22We will exhibit to Sustainable Material expo in Makuhari Messe, Japan.
2023/09/112024 Spring & Summer Bemberg® Collection
2023/08/21Asahi Kasei participated in a workshop organized by UNDP to support women dyers in the Republic of Mali.
2023/08/08Bemberg™ was selected as a Leader's Circle company in MATERIAL CHANGE INDEX INSIGHTS 2022 published by Textile Exchange.
2023/07/21Thank you for visiting Asahi Kasei's Bemliese™ at World of wipes 2023!
2023/07/11Discover ROICA™ Innovation
2023/07/03World of wipes 2023 international conference
2023/06/28Download: ROICA™ Sustainability Facts
2023/06/26 World of wipes 2023
2023/06/12Bemberg will provide materials for the Dress for Venice exhibition to be held during Venice fashion week in October 2023.
2023/06/06We launched the revamped "Bemberg™ official site for India"
2023/05/30Thank you for visiting Asahi Kasei's Bemliese™ at 27th CHINA BEAUTY EXPO !
2023/05/25ROICA™ @ Kingpins Show Amsterdam
2023/05/17ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei speaks Stretch Circularity out loud @ Kingpins
2023/05/16Asahi Kasei Advance America, Inc. Launches New Website
2023/04/12We will exhibit to 27th CHINA BEAUTY EXPO in Shanghai.
2023/04/07 27th CHINA BEAUTY EXPO
2023/04/03ROICA™ @ Kingpins Show 2023
2023/04/03The “Blue di Cupro” fabric line by PureDenim made with Bemberg ™ marks the birth of Bemberg™ smart denim innovation at Pitti Uomo
2023/03/23Asahi Kasei obtains “OK biodegradable MARINE” certification for Bemberg cupro fiber
2023/03/23Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei embraces UNESCO's Blue Friday initiative and announces the achievement of the OK biodegradable MARINE certification
2023/03/16Notice of system maintenance due to change of domain names
2023/02/14Our website is scheduled server maintenance
2023/02/08Asahi Kasei and Mitsui Chemicals agree to combine their spunbond nonwovens businesses in a new joint venture
2023/02/06Toward the 100+ Year Business of Bemberg
2023/01/11We acquired the international certification "OK compost INDUSTRIAL" for ECORISE™.
2022/12/16ROICA @ ISPO Munich 2022
2022/11/30At WSM-White Sustainable Milano Bemberg™ launches a new range of products & partnerships enriching its smart fashion offer
2022/11/28ISPO 2022: Asahi Kasei celebrates its 100 years anniversary featuring its key brands ROICA™, ECOSENSOR™ and RespiGard™
2022/11/08Thank you for visiting Asahi Kasei's Bemliese™ at K 2022!
2022/10/27ROICA @ ISPO2022
2022/09/29Asahi Kasei's Bemliese™ is featured at K 2022! We look forward to meeting you!
2022/09/21 White Sustainable Milano
2022/07/25ROICA™ partners take over Milano Unica with their premium stretch-infused fabrics
2022/07/22ROICA™ partners @ Première Vision: The "artists" & "heartists" of premium stretch in fabrics
2022/07/19Bemberg™ invests in the steel art of Daniele Basso as an innovative vehicle of corporate values
2022/07/13Bemberg™ at Pitti Uomo 102: formal elegance meets responsible T-shirt innovation in partnership with MagnoLab
2022/07/07Cifra selects ROICA™ for a new generation of sportswear in the name of wellness and sustainability
2022/07/04Eco-high tech biking uniform designed for SCOTT Racing Team and signed by a unique partnership: ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei, Sitip and Rosti.
2022/06/29ROICA™ partners @ Interfilière Paris: combining the premium, comfort stretch formula with responsibility and performance
2022/05/25Inacraft 2022, Handicraft trade fair in Jakarta report
2022/05/16 World of wipes international conference
2022/04/25ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei consolidates key European partnerships during its first business summit at Triennale Milano
2022/04/15REPORT of Participation of FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week
2022/04/01Message from the new senior executive manager of the ROICA Division
2022/03/18Bemberg returns to FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week on Sustainable Fashion Day
2022/03/17 Lakme Fashion Week
2022/02/18Introducing Jamé, the first-ever fluid-wear collection, made with Bemberg ™ by Asahi Kasei
2022/02/17ROICA™ welcomes 2022 with a brand-new wardrobe where glamour, performance and responsibility all together become the new norm
2022/02/07Bemberg™ celebrates 90 years of fashion & heritage with a journey through time and style @ Pitti Uomo
2022/01/28Change in Representative Directors
2022/01/07We have switched from GRS certification to RCS 100 certification
2021/12/14Asahi Kasei celebrates 90th anniversary of Bemberg™ cupro fiber and launches rebranding
2021/12/01Bemberg™ Web site renewal.
2021/11/01Thank you for visiting us at Filo!
2021/10/15We Asahi Kasei will introduce our unique spunbond nonwovens, “Ecorise” and “Precise” during the tradeshow, INDEX.
2021/10/14 2021/10/19-22 Virtual INDEX20
2021/09/30BemBAZIN™ innovative fabric by Brunello brings together the vibrant spirit of African fashion with Bemberg™ high-performative and responsible fiber
2021/09/29ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei will showcase at Filo fair featuring a contemporary consumer wardrobe made of smart values
2021/09/15The first SCOTT Racing Team sustainable biking uniform, in partnership with Sitip, Rosti and ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei, is available online in the Rosti e-store.
2021/09/03 20210929-930 FILO - 56th Edition -
2021/08/25Asahi Kasei renews membership in Business Call to Action led by United Nations Development Programme
2021/08/02Asahi Kasei to optimize the global strategy of its ROICA™ premium stretch fiber business
2021/06/24Asahi Kasei obtains “OK biodegradable MARINE” certification for Bemliese continuous-filament cellulosic nonwoven fabric
2021/05/25ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei turns 50 and unveils its brand-new visual identity conveying smart values for the contemporary consumer wardrobe.
2021/05/12ROICA Web site renewal.
2021/05/07Web site renewal.
2021/03/16 2021/2/22-3/26 Jetro × Cosmoprof ASIA : Japan Beauty e-Bizmach Week
2020/12/14Bemberg™ Presented Hemang Agrawal's "Tattva" collection at Lakmé fashion week 2020 winter festive, digital first season fluid edition
2020/12/08CareStart™ COVID-19 Antigen test kit using NanoAct™ launched in the U.S.
2020/12/01 2020/12/9-12/11 Exhibition of new functional materials
2020/10/26 2020/11/17-11/19 Hygienix 2020
2020/10/21Information about Lakmé Fashion Week Festive 2020
2020/10/20Asahi Kasei first ever Japanese company to participate in Lakmé Fashion week, the biggest fashion event in India. Bemberg™ has collaborated with Indian Designer to launch sustainable collection in Sustainable Fashion Day.
2020/10/06Introduction of our BCtA in India
2020/08/11 Pitti Connect
2020/07/07 2020/8/24-27 World of wipes international conference
2020/05/15Closure of Nobeoka Eltas Plant
2020/03/18President Elisabetta Gabri of Brunello S.p.A speaks proudly about the company's respect for tradition, in made-in-Brunello products and continuous creation through innovation
2020/01/31 2020/2/11-2/13 MD&M West 2020
2020/01/23 2020/1/26-1/29 ISPO Munich 2020
2020/01/22 2020/2/11-2/13 Premiere Vision Paris
2020/01/22Antonio De Matteis, 2nd Generation CEO of Kiton, one of the world's top men's clothing brands, speaks about why Kiton is at the top of the industry
2020/01/22President Adaya at Ahmad Adaya and company ltd. Partnership with Bemberg until today & in the future.
2020/01/14ECORISE website was opened.
2020/01/09 2020/1/18-1/20 Designer Forum New York
2020/01/06 2020/1/21-1/22 Premiere Vision New York
2019/12/24 nano tech 2020
2019/11/25 2019/11/18-11/21 MEDICA
2019/11/12Satoshi Miyata, President of Miyata WF Co., Ltd. speaks about how a broad product development range and development capabilities drive the Bishu production area
2019/10/28CMC-Bemliese website was opened.
2019/10/28BioCradle website was opened.
2019/10/09Dr. Akira Yoshino chosen for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
2019/08/19 2019/8/27-8/29 AES International Conference on Headphone Technology
2019/07/25 2019/9/6-9/7 Comfort and Smart Textile International Symposium 2019
2019/07/17Asahi Kasei to increase production capacity for Lamous™ artificial suede
2019/07/10Managing Director Kentaro Suzuki at Aobun Textile Co., Ltd. speaks about his will to protect the historical Yonezawa production area by "passing on" and "communicating."
2019/07/10Managing Director Osamu Mita at MITASHO speaks about "offering something tailored to the times while pursuing the limitless possibilities of textiles."
2019/07/03 2019/7/20-7/22 Designer Forum New York
2019/06/24 2019/7/16-7/17 Premiere Vision New York
2019/06/24 2019/7/15-7/17 Yarnex (India International Yarn Exhibition)
2019/05/31 2019/6/24-6/27 World of wipes international conference
2019/05/28 2019/7/6-7/8 Interfilière Paris 2019
2019/05/16 2019/5/28-5/29 Denim by Première Vision AW20/21
2019/05/07 2019/8/6-8/8 71st AACC Clinical Lab Expo
2019/04/26 2019/5/20-22 2019 China Beauty Expo
2019/04/25 2019/5/7-5/8 SUPPLIERS' DAY 2019
2019/04/18 2019/4/15-4/17 Exhibit in Beauty World Middle East
2019/04/12 2019/4/27-4/28 Tokyo Headphone Festival 2019 Spring
2019/03/25 2019/5/14-5/17 The 81st China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF Spring 2019)
2019/02/25 2019/3/5-3/7 Tire Technology EXPO 2019
2019/02/22 2019/3/12-3/14 Intertextile Shanghai apparel fabrics
2019/02/08Notice of new organizational configuration
2019/02/04 2019/2/12-2/14 Premiere Vision Paris
2019/01/14 2019/1/19-1/21 Designer Forum New York
2018/12/21 2019/1/30-2/1 nano tech 2019
2018/12/06Masahiro Hayashi, President of Hikari Shoji K.K. Masahiro Hayashi seeks to maintain quality and stabilize the business in the production center by placing constant orders.
2018/12/06Hiroshi Imai, President of Imai Kigyojo K.K. Taking pride in being a manufacturing company, Hiroshi Imai strives to develop “materials that cannot be produced by others.”
2018/11/30Hidetoshi Kurita, Chairman of Flandre Co., Ltd. Creating new, valuable products by combining the wisdom of professionals
2018/11/30Masataka Kaji, President of the Kaji Group "Realize the dream of the textile industry" - Determination infused into the corporate message
2018/11/30Interview with the key figures behind the "Liberty Fabrics x Bemberg™" collaboration event to be held in June at Isetan Mitsukoshi
2018/11/30A leading senior buyer at Matsuya Ginza, Shunichi Miyazaki shares with us the value of a suit and how to enjoy made-to-measure clothing through an approach that can only be taken by a department store
2018/11/30Interview with Vincent Choi, President of Cheung Hing Hong Piece Goods (Holdings) Ltd. Bemberg is my life's mission
2018/11/29 2019/2/3-2/6 ISPO Munich 2019
2018/11/29Interview with Yoko Ohara, President of Women’s Empowerment in Fashion A leader of the Japanese fashion industry in its early days, Yoko Ohara speaks about her thoughts and the hopes she wants to share in the major revolutionary period currently taking place.
2018/11/19 2019/1/8-1/11 The International Consumer Electronics Show
2018/09/05 2018/9/19-9/21 Premiere Vision Paris AW19/20
2018/08/31 2018/10/17-10/19 Audio Engineering Society New York 2018
2018/08/31 2018/9/27-9/29 Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics - Autumn Edition
2018/08/22 2018/9/27-9/29 Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics Autumn Edition 2018
2018/08/22 2018/9/19-9/21 Première Vision Paris AW19/20
2018/07/23 2018/10/24-10/27 InterCHARM・Autumn 2018
2018/07/10 2018/7/29-7/31 COSMOPROF NORTH AMERICA – LAS VEGAS
2018/07/06 2018/8/27-8/30 Intertexitile Shanghai hometextiles
2018/06/25 2018/6/12-6/15 PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO
2018/06/25 2018/7/17-7/18 Premiere Vision New York
2018/06/01website was opened.
2018/05/21 2018/7/7-7/9 Interfilière Paris 2018
2018/05/17 2018/7/31-8/2 70th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo
2018/05/10 2018/5/22-5/24 23rd China Beauty Expo
2018/04/09 2018/7/16-7/18 Yarnex (India International Yarn Exhibition)
2018/04/052018/4/28-4/29 -Headphone Festival 2018 Spring
2018/04/04 2018/4/11-4/14 China International Medical Equipment Fair
2018/04/01The Bemberg Web site renewal.
2018/03/15We released ROICA CF odor test movie
2018/03/06 2018/4/7-4/8 CANJAM SOCAL 2018
2018/02/28Report on Premiere Vision New York 2018, the Winter edition
2018/02/05 2018/3/14-16 Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics
2018/02/05 2018/2/20-2/22 Tire Technology EXPO 2018
2018/02/01Interview with Tanenari Ban from Ban Fiber Dyed & Twisted Yarn or Twisted & Dyed Yarn produces a unique texture that really highlights the appeal of Bemberg
2018/01/09Interview with Tatsuji Kobayashi, President and CEO of L.TOP CO., LTD. The functionality of Bemberg™ and the unique expressive properties of yarn dyeing produce lining unlike anything else
2017/12/28 2018/2/13-2/15 Premiere Vision Paris 2018
2017/12/21 2018/117-1/19 The 4th Wearable EXPO
2017/12/20 2018/1/16-1/17 Premiere Vision New York
2017/12/01Interview with Professor Teruko Tamura: Days of intensive research for comfortable, healthy clothing life and my thoughts about the future
2017/12/01November 15 and 16, 2017 Report on 2018 AW Bemberg Apparel Textile Exhibition
2017/11/21 2018/1/28-1/31 ISPO Munich 2018
2017/11/21 2017/11/28-11/29 JFW JAPAN CREATION 2018
2017/11/10The NanoAct website was redesigned.
2017/10/20 2017/11/15-16 2018AW Bemberg Outer Collection
2017/10/16 2017/11/29-12/1 LIVEGEAR 2019SS
2017/10/16 2017/11/14-11/16 LIVEGEAR 2019SS
2017/10/02 2017/11/14-12/8 18AW Bemberg Lining Collection
2017/09/20 2017/10/25-10/27 InterCHARM Autumn 2017
2017/09/08 2017/11/13-11/16 MEDICA 2017
2017/09/07Asahi Kasei to expand capacity for Lamous™ microfiber suede
2017/09/05 2017/10/11-10/13 Intertexitile Shanghai apparel fabrics
2017/09/05 2017/11/8-11/10 The 17th Shanghai International Nonwovens Conference & Exhibition(SINCE)
2017/09/03 2017/9/19-21 Premiere Vision Yarns
2017/08/14 9/21-23 Japanese Association of Clinical Laboratory Systems
2017/07/13 8/1-8/3 69th AACC Scientific Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo
2017/07/13 8/3-4 2018/19AWBemberg Functional Materials Exhibition
2017/07/13 07/27-28 2018/19AWBemberg Functional Materials Exhibition
2017/06/01 7/20-22 "Yarnex" India International Yarn Exhibition
2017/06/01 7/8-10 Interfiliere Paris 2017
2017/06/01 6/30-7/2 Textiles India 2017
2017/05/31 6/28-30 INTERPHEX JAPAN 2017
2017/05/27 6/7-8 MODA STRETCH PREMIUM 2018SS&2018/2019FW
2017/04/04 5/30-6/3 Computex Taipei
2017/04/01 5/23-25 CINA BEAUTY EXPO
2017/02/08 3/15-3/17 Intertextile Shanghai/Apparel Fabrics Spring
2017/02/08 20172/28-3/2 Spinexpo Shanghai
2016/12/15 2017/2/7-9 Premiere Vision(Paris)
2016/09/30The lamous Web site renewal.
2016/09/05 Premiere Vision-Paris defining new standards
2016/08/03Untold story about adoption of Bemberg™ for Gunze Kaiteki Kobo: "Hada-Sarari Series"
2016/07/27 1/18-20 WEARABLE EXPO
2016/07/27 10/21-23 The 12th RA China Auto salon
2016/07/27 10/11-13 Intertextile Shanghai
2016/07/27 9/13-15 Premiere Vision(Paris)
2016/06/20 7/7-7/9 Intertextile Pavilion Shenzhen 2016 - Shenzhen International Trade Fair for Apparel Fabrics & Accessories
2016/04/05 11/14-17 MEDICA 2016
2016/04/05 10/11-13 FILTEC 2016
2016/04/04 7/9-7/11 Interfiliere Lyon 2016
2016/04/04 8/30-9/1 Spinexpo 2016
2016/04/04 7/6-7 Spinexpo Paris
2016/04/04 8/2-4 2016AACC Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo
2016/04/04 5/31-6/4 Computex Taipei
2016/04/04 5/18-20 CINA BEAUTY EXPO
2016/04/01March 5th Asahikasei Spandex Europe has celebrated 10th anniversary.
2016/02/15 3/26 Asahi Kasei Chinese Fashion Design Creativity Award
2016/02/12 3/16-3/18 Intertextile Shanghai
2016/02/12 3/1-3/3 SPINEXPO 2016
2016/02/10 2/26-2/28 The 12th International Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning Trade Fair 2016
2015/12/09 2/16-18 Premiere Vision
2015/12/09 1/13-15 WEARABLE EXPO
2015/11/06 12/10-12 Eco-Products
2015/11/05 12/2-12/5 INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2015
2015/11/0511/16-19 MEDICA 2015
2015/08/039/15-9/17 Premiere Vision
2015/08/039/01-9/03 SPINEXPO 2015
2015/06/307/28-7/30 2015AACC Annusl Meeting&Clinical Lab Expo
2015/06/307/4-7/6 Interfiliere Paris
2015/06/05 7/1-3 INTERPHEX JAPAN2015 28th Int'l Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing EXPO/Conference
2015/06/057/4-7/6 Interfiliere Paris
2015/05/15 16SS Bemberg Outerwear Collection
2015/05/11 6/2-6 Computex Taipei
2015/04/21 SPINEXPO 2015
2015/04/21 MEDICA 2015
2015/04/15 Premiere Vision
2015/04/15 2015AACC Annusl Meeting&Clinical Lab Expo
2015/04/15 Interfiliere Paris
2015/03/03Wiper for Aviation website opened
2015/01/13 5/5-7 Techtextile Frankfurt 2015
2015/01/13 3/28 Asahi Kasei Chinese Fashion Design Creativity Award
2015/01/13 5/19-21 China Beauty Expo
2015/01/13 5/13-15 ANEX2015
2014/12/11 Eco-Products
2014/11/18 Filtration2014 International Conference & Exposition
2014/11/12 MEDICA 2014
2014/10/23 Intertextile Shanghai
2014/09/02 Spinexpo
2014/07/29 2014 AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo
2014/07/22 Premiere Vision New York
2014/07/05 Interfiliere
2014/06/03 Computex Taipei 2014
2014/05/07 China Beauty Expo
2014/03/29 Asahi Kasei Chinese Fashion Design Creativity Award
2014/03/11 Spinexpo Shanghai
2014/01/01 Heimtexitle2014
2013/12/12 Eco-Products 2013
2013/11/20 MEDICA 2013
2013/11/13 COSMOPROF Asia
2013/10/27 Asahi Kasei Chinese Fashion Design Creativity Award for 2014 s/s
2013/10/23 Intertextile Shanghai
2013/10/21 China International Knitting Trade Fair 2013
2013/09/17 Premiere Vision Paris 2013
2013/09/05 Bemberg functional materials exhibition
2013/09/03 Spinexpo Shanghai 2013
2013/08/21 Bemberg functional materials exhibition
2013/08/05We have established LEONA web site.
2013/07/30 Clinical lab expo 2013
2013/07/17 TECHNO-FRONTIER 2013
2013/07/06 Interfiliere Paris 2013
2013/06/11 Techtextile 2013
2013/05/20 China Beauty Expo
2013/05/14 MODA Hi-Tension 2013Spring
2013/04/24 Bemberg Outerwear&lining fabric Collection
2013/04/15Web site renewal
2013/01/09 Heimtexitle2013
2012/12/13 Eco-Products 2012
2012/11/14 COSMOPROF Asia
2012/11/14 MEDICA 2012
2012/10/22 Shanghai Exhibition outer
2012/10/22 China Knitting
2012/10/22 Intertextile Shanghai
2012/09/12 China Yiwu exhibition ROICA
2012/09/04 SPINEXPO
2012/06/13 ANEX
2012/05/04 China Beauty Expo
2012/04/25The website featuring PULSHUT, thin high-performance noise suppression sheet, is launched.
2012/01/11 Heimtexitle2012
2011/11/15Multicolor Labels for Lateral Flow Immunoassay.Cellulose Nano Beads NanoAct
2011/11/09 International Robot Exibition 2011
2011/10/18 Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics2011
2011/10/12 Shahai East Best SINCE
2011/09/06 SPINEXPO
2011/05/24 Techtextil 2011
2011/04/12 INDEX 11
2011/01/12 heimtextil
2010/10/19 Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics2010
2010/08/24 China Internathional Knitting
2010/04/21 2011Spring&Spring Bemberg Outerwear&lining fabric Collection
2010/03/18 China International Furniture Fair
2010/02/17 nano tech 2010 International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference
2010/02/10 ENEX2010 34th Energy and Environment Exhibition
2009/12/10 Eco-Products 2010
2009/12/02 SEMICON JAPAN 2009
2009/11/18 INCHEM TOKYO 2009
2009/10/20 Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics2009
2009/03/26Structural transformation of polyester and monofilament businesses
2009/02/24 SPINEXPO
2009/01/14 Heim Textil
2008/12/11 Eco-Products 2009
2008/10/20 Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics
2008/09/08 SPINEXPO
2008/02/27 SPINEXPO
2008/01/09 Heim Textil
2007/12/13 Eco-Products 2007
2007/11/14 39th MEDICA
2007/11/06 Advanced Materials Show
2007/10/29 Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics
2007/10/22 12th Shanghai International Nonwovens Conference & Exhibition
2007/09/20We opened "ECOSENSOR" page.
2007/09/01 SPINEXPO
2007/09/01 Lyon,mode city-Interfiliere Lyon
2007/06/12We opened "Smash" page.
2007/06/12We opened "Precise" page.
2007/05/07 SPINEXPO
2007/01/10 Heim Textil
2007/01/01Previous brand-logo of Lamous™ artificial suede used for long years has changed to new one.
2006/10/25 Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics
2006/09/02 07/08AW INTERFILIERE LYON
2006/08/01We renewed "ELTAS"page.
2006/06/07 BANDON INTERTEX 2006
2006/05/01Completion of Dorlastan acquisition
2006/01/01 EXPOFIL
2005/11/30Initiation of action seeking cessation of spandex patent infringement by Hyosung Corporation.
2005/11/17Acquisition of Dorlastan spandex business
2005/10/26 Intertextile Shanghai
2005/05/27We renewed "ROICA" page.
2005/01/28We opened "Monofilament"page.
2004/09/03Onward and Asahi Kasei hold "Japan Quality Collaboration in Shanghai autumn & winter 2004 fashion show"
2004/08/03We renewed "Asahi Kasei Fibers "top page.
2003/12/25We renewed "TEC" page.
2003/12/22We opened "Bemberg Lining" page.
2003/10/04Construction of Production Base for Roica inThailand
2003/08/28Re: Transformation to Holding Company Configuration
2003/06/06We opened "Cubit" page.
2003/02/12We opened "AsahiBemberg" page.
2002/10/28We opened "Roica Technical Service" page on Roica member's site. We will advise to technical problems with Roica usage for members.
2002/04/10Establishment of Joint Venture for PTT fiber.
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