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The world's only cellulosic continuous
filament nonwoven

Bemliese nonwoven is unique in its superb liquid absorption and retention properties and in its outstanding wiping performance. Friendly to the environment, it is produced from cotton linters. Producing high purity and low lint generation, it is used in wipers for clean rooms, medical gauzes, and cosmetic applications.

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Bemcot wipers made of Bemliese feature low lint generation and superior liquid absorbency. They are used for the wiping process in clean environments in electronics, aviation, automotive, and other industries.

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Examples of usage

Medical applications

With its low lint release features,
it is incorporated in medical products used in actual medical services.

skin care

Skin care applications

With a gentle feel, an excellent fit, and high liquid absorption, it is also used in facial masks and other skin care items.

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