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ROICA™ partners take over Milano Unica with their premium stretch-infused fabrics

ROICA™, Asahi Kasei's iconic premium stretch fiber manufacturer, strengthens its presence in the high fashion segment thanks to its established network of partners, who will present their latest innovations - activated by ROICA™ - at the edition of Milano Unica, at Rho Fiera Milano on 12th to 14th July 2022.

ROICA™ is able to redefine performance, sustainability and circularity of stretch, while delivering the style, support and, most importantly, 360° comfort requested by a new generation of consumers. In fact, they have a completely new checklist concerning comfort. Physical comfort is indeed about stretch, fit, and bodily well-being, but today consumers also request mental and emotional comfort. ROICA™ can satisfy the outside and the inside because it respects both people and the environment, as well as redefining performance in clothing. All these top-notch values are declined by ROICA™'s valuable web of partners in a variety of fields. Among them, fashion is growing in importance thanks to the new focus of designers on easiness and comfort.

A few of the most appreciated yarns by ROICA™'s partners are ROICA™ EF, a sustainable recycled stretch yarn obtained from pre-consumer materials and ROICA™ V550, a sustainable degradable stretch yarn which smartly breaks down without releasing harmful substances, based on the Hohenstein Environmental Compatibility Certificate, and boasting the Gold Level Material Health Certificate by Cradle-to-Cradle Product Innovation Institute.

Showing its leadership, the company marks a unique milestone in the world of stretch, enhancing a contemporary wardrobe made of groundbreaking principles that are easily conveyed and transparently visible to the end consumer. Indeed, by creating cutting-edge tools, such as the hangtags that provide, through simple and well-designed icons, clear and concise functional information showing for each application the values and performances of each ROICA™ family: ROICA Colour Perfect™, ROICA Resistance™, ROICA Feel Good™, ROICA Eco-Smart™, ROICA Contour™.

Going more in depth in the offers of ROICA™ partners for this season of Milano Unica, they are:

- Cifra, which presents its innovative garments for men and women, combining fashion and function. Base layers, tops, leggings and jumpsuits are made with natural yarns, or recycled pre- and post-consumer yarns in combination with ROICA™ EF, the sustainable recycled stretch yarn able to complete proposals that offer design, performance and responsibility. The design of the garments, created in Cifra's design office, offers a perfect shape with body mapping technology that creates dedicated ventilation zones, for a feeling of comfort and freshness as well as an innovative aesthetic impact.

- Iluna Group, whose journey into the new dimension of responsibility continues with developments in GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified recycled yarns aimed at unprecedented effects in looks, performance and hands. Brand new for this edition of Première Vision is the inclusion of GOTS-certified organic cotton in GRS-certified galloons and allover lace containing ROICA™ EF, so as to meet market demands for natural comfort in the underwear sphere.

- Maglificio Ripa, which presents the Splash collection for summer 2024, developed in two major themes, united by the same focus on sustainability that results in the use of recycled pre- and post-consumer polyamide and polyester yarns including ROICA™ EF for the sustainable recycled stretch fiber. The first theme encompasses printed, 3D jacquard fabrics, ennobled by innovative processes that move the bottoms for an organic and sometimes irreverent final look. The second theme embodies a cocoon spirit, enveloping like a caress, soft as a hug.

- Penn Textile Solutions/Penn Italia, whose highlights of the new collection are on one side fabrics developed with the use of Neride eco yarns by Nurel with ROICA™ V550, characterized by restraining lace effect, soft touch and breathable, in combination with tulle as a sustainable basic, and on the other side charmeuses with soft hand, raw cut in combination with a band fabric from the dreamshape family with reinforced gripping edge, made again in Neride eco yarns by Nurel with ROICA™ V550

- Piave Maitex, whose orientation is, as always, to present new products with the right balance between technological innovation and aesthetic look, between fashion and comfort, proposals that include sustainable fabrics made in recycled polyester, polyamide and the sustainable recycled stretch fiber ROICA™ EF, three-dimensional and optical, perforated, plush effects, made by prioritizing technical functionalities such as waterproofness, breathability, transfer and moisture management, opacity and anti-UV as well as anti-abrasion.

- Sitip, which is one of the premium partners, together with ROICA™, for the creation of the first Scott Racing Team's responsible biking uniform. This year, the evolution of research and development has also led to the creation of new responsible shorts, made with NATIVE-THUNDERBIKE POWER fabric by Sitip in recycled polyamide and ROICA™ EF yarn by Asahi Kasei. A fabric designed for high-performance sports, particularly suitable for making cycling pants for its maximum coverage and UV protection - thanks to ECLIPSE Sun Protection technology - breathability, comfort and fit. Also the shirt has been produced with Sitip recycled fabrics - NATIVE-BICIMANIA and NATIVE-PIRATA - made with Asahi Kasei's ROICA™ EF sustainable, stretch and certified recycled yarns.