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High Absorbency Cellulose Non-Woven Pad

CMC-Bemliese is a high absorbency non-woven pad utilized for various fields:
wound care, hemostatic, cosmetics, Anti-adhesion etc. CMC-Bemliese also has several features:
thin & soft, high transparency in wet condition, biodegradability, etc.

What is CMC-Bemliese™?

CMC-Bemliese is continuous filament non-woven sheet made from 100 % Bemliese. CMC means Carboxy Methyl Cellulose. Original Bemliese is converted to CMC-Bemliese by chemical modification. Thanks to our state-of-the-art cellulose technology, CMC-Bemliese has various excellent features in wet conditions. CMC-Bemliese has high possibility to be used for various medical applications.

High Wet Strength Type

Advantage of

  • Thin & Soft
  • High absorbency
  • High transparency
    in wet condition
  • Low skin irritation
  • High biodegradability
  • High Purity
  • Eco Friendly
    (Good sustainability)

Thickness at dry condition

High Solubility type
High Wet Strength type

CMC Bemliese is thinner.

Absorbent Property

※Test was conducted based on the standard of medical device.
(British Pharmacopoeia 1993 Addendum 1995 - Alginate Wound Dressings and EN-13726-1)

Transparency in wet condition

  • CA40C
  • BA40C
  • Conventional

CMC Bemliese has good transparency and
isn’t shrink in wet condition.

Skin Irritation Test

*Detail test condition is described in below document named ‘Test results about skin irritation and Bio degradability’

CMC-Bemliese has lower irritation than Product A. Besides it, as for CMC-Bemliese, irritation value will decrease gradually in the body.

  • *Ref :
    In Negative Control condition *Score is 20 in 6 weeks.
  • *Irritation is evaluated
  • *by ISO 10993-6 AnnexE

Biodegradability Test Result (6 weeks)

*Detail test condition is described in below document named ‘Test results about skin irritation and Biodegradability’

  • Remain
    Conventional Product
  • Almost disappear
  • Almost disappear

CMC-Bemliese has a tendency to disappear quickly.

Product Specification

Sample Name Type Fiber Weight
CA40A High Solubility Type Regular Fiber 100g/m2
BA40C High Wet Strength type 100g/m2
BB40C 80g/m2
BC40C 50g/m2
BD60D Micro fiber 50g/m2

*Optimized samples could be offered if you need modification.
ex.- Lamination (if you need wet strength)

Documents for various applications

Application Document
Wound Care Product Brochure【PDF】
Safety information Test results about skin irritation and Biodegradability【PDF】


CMC-Bemliese™ is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation.