Higher Sensitivity and Multicolor…

Utilizing our cellulose technology matured and advanced for more than 80 years, Asahi Kasei has developed innovative colored nano beads, which have been patented.
Using NanoAct as labeling particles for IVD is expected to increase the sensitivity and result in faster detection times. In addition, the coloring method based on the unique characteristics of cellulose materials makes cellulose beads of multiple colors available.


1 NanoAct provides higher sensitivity.

Compared to commercially available labels (particles), with the combination of a larger diameter and color intensity, NanoAct produces better visibility and presents better detection of low antigen concentrations.

2 NanoAct enables faster detection time.

Higher visibility of test lines can be achieved, leading to a faster detection time.

*Comparison between a test kit using NanoAct (upper) and a test kit using colloidal gold (lower). Using the same antibody concentration, test lines 3 minutes after adding samples appeared more visible on NanoAct.

3 NanoAct multiple Color

NanoAct can be utilized to classify test lines with a variety of colors available.

The above photo is a test kit using NanoAct (red, blue, green, and black).

Product Information

Catalog No. Type Color Particle Diameter(nm) OD(ABS,1wt%) Concentration(wt%)
RE1AA Passive Adsorption Red 330 225 1.0
RE2AA Dark Red 340 240
BL1AA Navy 325 255
BL2AA Dark Navy 365 265
GR1AA Green 335 160
KR1AA Black 350 150
RE1CA Covalent Red 335 220
BL1CA Navy 320 230
GR1CA Green 335 155