For medical device companies


Non-PVC solution for medical applications

TUFTEC™ and S.O.E.™ are hydrogenated styrene-based thermoplastic elastomers which can be used as modifiers, compatibilizers and adhesives for a wide range of resins. TUFTEC™, without a plasticizer, has high flexibility and transparency like PVC as well as excellent impact resistance at low temperature and low compression set. It can be utilized for medical films, tubes, stoppers/gaskets, syringes, etc. S.O.E.™ has excellent soft-touch feeling, kink resistance and solvent-bondability and can be an innovative solution to produce non-PVC tubing.

Precautions for the use of our products

This link contains precautions for those who are considering the use of our materials in medical devices, pharmaceutical packaging, and other uses. Please read the precautions before considering our products.