Patients and Families

Even with the progress made by modern medicine, there are still many disorders for which effective treatments have yet to be found. We believe, however, that solutions must exist even for intractable ailments that do not respond adequately to drugs or other conventional medical treatments. That is why we are driven to pursue therapeutic options that offer hope for patients and their families.

Types of therapeutic apheresis and indicated conditions

About the life-supporting functions of blood and therapies that utilize these functions.

Blood and Blood Therapy
Blood and Blood Therapy
A basic explanation of blood constituents and their functions, and how these relate to removal of harmful substances through therapeutic apheresis.

About blood constituents and their balance.

About blood constituents, their functions and blood groups.

About therapeutic apheresis, a treatment that purifies blood by removing harmful substances.

About Therapeutic Apheresis Therapy
About Therapeutic Apheresis Therapy
“Therapeutic apheresis” refers to a variety of therapies that purify the blood by removing various substances that cause or aggravate disease. Here you will find explanations of the major types of therapeutic apheresis.

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