Since the early 1970s, beginning with the industrialization of enzymes for lipid analysis, we have released more than one hundred high-quality enzymes to the world.

As a pioneer in enzyme production for diagnostic products, we will continue to contribute to the “life” and “living” of people around the world.

Bringing new solutions through greater utilization of enzymes.
Enzyme-Driven Solutions:
Your Partner in Diagnostics and Beyond

About the Enzymes Business

Ever since we succeeded in the industrialization of enzymes for lipid analysis, we have supplied numerous enzymes for diagnostic reagents to major global diagnostic reagent manufacturers and biosensor manufacturers.

We have also been working closely together with our customers from the initial stages of development, and have introduced new measurement methods to the world. Our uniquely developed enzymes are also one of the main features of our company.

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We utilize our uniquely developed genetic recombination and microbial cultivation technologies to manufacture and sell enzymes used in various diagnostic products, such as those for determining blood sugar, lipids, kidney function, and liver function.
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