Ketone Bodies

Summary of the Test Item

• Levels of ketone bodies are used in the diagnosis and follow-up monitoring of diabetic ketoacidosis
• “Ketone bodies” is a general term for acetone, acetoacetate, and 3-hydroxybutyrate (3-HB), with β-hydroxybutyrate accounting for about three-quarters of the ketone bodies.

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We supply enzyme 3-HBDH for determining the levels of ketone bodies.. Please contact us regarding its availability.

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Measurement Principle
Performance Comparison Chart of Asahi Kasei Enzymes


*Under development; samples available


Ketone bodies measurement

For liquid reagents and POCT (Biosensor)

For liquid stable reagents


High specific activity optimal for POCT; >1,500 U/mg

Extremely thermally stable*1

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