Lipase Activity

Summary of the Test Item

• Lipase activity is a marker used for screening pancreatic diseases and diagnosing acute pancreatitis, and in follow-up examinations to determine disease status and resolution.
• Pancreatic lipase, an enzyme that hydrolyzes triglycerides, is synthesized in the pancreas and normally secreted into the pancreatic juice. As a consequence of pancreatitis and other pancreatic disorders, lipase is released into the blood.

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Reagent for Liquid Enzymatic Assay of Lipase Activity [LLCKⅡ] Materials and Methods

Created using our proprietary technology, our uniformly sized substrate micelles substantially reduce any differences among reagent lots.

We simplify your reagent development by supplying the components, materials, and production procedures.
With the availability of a buffer containing uniform micellized substrates as a raw material, you only need to mix it, thereby saving you time and effort in the reagent manufacturing process. Our “LLCKⅡ” is stable for 12 months or longer under refrigeration and can be loaded into various automated analyzers. It also exhibits a high degree of correlation with both the conventional lyophilized enzymatic method reagents and liquid chemical method reagents.

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Measurement Principle
Correlations with Each Assay Method
vs. Lyophilized reagent
(Enzymatic method)
vs. Chemical method

Reagent Performance Data
Sensitivity (250 U/L) (n=3)

CV (25 U/L, 10 times)
Specificity (n=3)

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