Features of Bemberg lining

Basic information: Types of lining

The 3 Basic Weaves for Linings

Woven fabrics are made by combining a warp and a weft at right angles.  The following are the three basic ways of combining the warp and the weft.  They are referred to as the three basic weave constructions.



This is the simplest weave construction.  It is produced by alternately interlacing the warp and weft yarns.  The weave is fine and resilient, but also robust.  With this weave, it is possible to make many types of linings by combining yarn size, twist level, and dyeing processes.  Typical weaves include taffeta, habutae silk, poplin, lawn, broadcloth, crepe de chine, crepe, muslin, tropical, oxford, sheer, etc.

Twill weave

Image:Twill weave

This weave is also referred to as the diagonal weave because the warp yarn (or the weft yarn) floating on the fabric face forms diagonal lines.  Since the twill weave is beautiful with a thick feel and good smoothness, it is used as luxury lining for coats and suits.  Typical weaves are twill, serge, cashmere, denim, Burberry, gabardine, etc.

Satin weave

Image:Satin weave

Long warp yarns (or weft yarns) float on the surface, and the weave appears non-consecutive and dispersed.  At a glance, the weave looks as if it is made with only warp yarn (or weft yarn). The surface is smooth and lustrous.  Since the weave has a sense of volume, it is used for linings in suits, coats, leather products and other luxurious outer fabrics.  Typical weaves are satin, doeskin, venetian, etc.

Types of yarn and textiles

A variety of textiles are produced by combining different yarns in the three basic weaves.

〈Names of textiles by type of yarn〉

  Untwisted yarn False twisted yarn (Yarn that has been twisted, heat-set, and untwisted) Twisted yarn (Yarn that has been twisted) Knotted yarn (Yarn with knots) Spun yarn
Untwisted yarn Taffeta
Habutae silk
Woolly taffeta
Woolly twill
Crepe de Chine
Palace crepe
Shantung Lawn
Twisted yarn     Organdy
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