Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd.
June 17, 2020


Promotion of Work Style Innovation with “e-Signatures”

As part of work style innovation, Asahi Kasei Medical has introduced a system for electronic approvals and electronic contracts. As a result, all contracts with customers or business partners can be signed online. Additionally, internal application forms for corporate approvals have already been converted to electronic formats, accelerating the use e-Signatures instead of signature seals manually put on documents.

The following shows a summary of expected benefits of e-Signatures:
・ In working-from-home environments, employees do not need to come to the office just to stamp documents, which reduces burden on employees.
・ Drastically reduces lead time for internal approvals and for concluding contracts
・ Promotes paperless operations, which contribute to protecting the environment and reducing storage costs

We view "Work Style Innovation" as a necessary change to enable a shift to higher value-added operations. We will continue to advance our efforts to create value-added activities and improve productivity both inside and outside the company.

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