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Expression and Purification Technologies for Challenging Proteins

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Distinctive expertise enabling Commercial Production of Challenging Proteins

Asahi Kasei Pharma has developed proteins including enzymes for the use of in vitro diagnostic reagents and supplied them to customers worldwide. We have accumulated advanced technologies for expression and purification along with our expertise in scale-up process through its development history of our products of over 100 proteins.
Our technologies enable us to achieve commercial-scale production of challenging proteins such as lipase, which is difficult to handle due to its high hydrophobicity, and other proteins that are not easily purified. Moreover, we are currently improving our technologies for synthesis of chemicals and growth factors for cultured meat and other various applications.
Your inquiries are always welcome if you have trouble with the mass expression or purification of your protein in commercial-scale production.

Precautions for the use of our products

This link contains precautions for those who are considering the use of our materials in medical devices, pharmaceutical packaging, and other uses. Please read the precautions before considering our products.