Total Bile Acids

Summary of the Test Item

• Levels of total bile acids are determined to check the state of liver function.
• The reagent of the enzymatic cycling method, one of the assays for total bile acids, is widely used.

Asahi Kasei Solutions

We carry the raw materials and reagent used in total bile acids assays.
- Raw materials: 3α-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3α-HSDⅡ), Thio-NAD
- Total Bile Acids Assay Reagent (bulk reagent, liquid form)

Measurement Principle

Our reagent is characterized by its good reactivities to various bile acid molecules. Given that total bile acids are made up of multiple molecular species, the specificities of the reagent to each molecular species are important to prevent variations in the composition ratio of molecular species from affecting the assay. Please contact us for comparisons with our competitors’ products.

Reactivities of various bile acid compounds
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JP2811319, US5286627A Method of high-sensitive analysis of bile acid and reagent composition for the analysis

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