Summary of the Test Item

• Triglycerides (neutral fats) are the so-called “fat” contained in the food and serve as a test marker for disorders such as dyslipidemia.
• In addition to dyslipidemia, some endocrine and renal diseases are also associated with high triglyceride levels.

Asahi Kasei Solutions

We carry a wide variety of enzyme products for determining triglyceride levels.
Our product lineup includes four types of lipase (LP, LPBP, MGLPⅡ, and LPM) with different substrate specificities and properties, which may be used as appropriate depending on the target of the assay (triglycerides or monoglycerides) and/or the formulation.

For determining triglyceride levels, it is important to carry out the four steps of the reaction efficiently. Asahi Kasei Pharma possesses extensive knowledge on the optimum mixing ratio and reaction conditions for each enzyme, which may facilitate the acceleration of your product development.

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Measurement Principle
Performance Comparison Chart of Asahi Kasei Enzymes

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