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AK APECK SHEET:Crapping Sheet for Landfill Sites Gas Ventilating and rainwater control sheet


Appropriate amount of rainwarter

Apeck Sheet



"AK APECK SHEETTM",gas ventilating and rainwater control sheet,
forms the optimum semi aerobic environment for microbial treatment of waste
at landfilll(with moderately amount of water and air).

  1. The sheet has low water permeability (low water resistance),which makes most of all rainwater runs off on the sheet but part of it runs through the sheet
  2. lt is an outstanding ventilating sheet which lets gas and air out, generated from waste.
  3. Made of polyethylene and polypropylene, the sheet is good for the environment. It does not produce poison gas nor elute hazardous material when burned.
  4. Geotextile used on the both surfaces of AK APECK SHEETTM has many execution records for the purpose of the soil stabilization work, and gives the sheet adequate strength.
    1. The sheet has tensile strength and can bear the force applied to it during placement work.
    2. People can walk on the sheet.
    3. The sheet can be covered with soil

*ln order to secure the optimum semi aerobic environment,we recommend to use to a combination of drainage layer, AK APECK SHEETTM and gas vent/protection layer.


Top soil layer

Drainage layer : Geocomposite , Geotextile
Ventilating & Rainwater control layer : AK APECK Sheet
Gas vent/protection layer : Geocomposite , Geotextile



*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Item Standard Test Method

Width Length

2m 250mR




JIS L 1908

Water permeability


JIS A 1218

Vapor permeability


JIS Z 0208

Tensile strength


JIS L 1908