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Asahi Kasei Advance Corporation will take over all businesses of the three companies (Asahi Kasei Trading, Asahi Kasei Intertextiles, and Asahi Kasei Commerce) before the merger.
We continue to make our efforts to propose useful products and improve our service in various areas.

Apparel Materials and Products

  • Apparel Materials and Products

As an Asahi Kasei Group member, our clothing business sales yarns and textiles based on performance yarns of Asahi Kasei Fibers, as a matter of course, and proposes an integrated operation, from arrangement of original yarns to delivery of finished products.
We are doing a global business: Not only production in Japan but also fabric development, processing and sewing mainly in Asian countries.

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Technical Textiles and Nonwovens, AED

  • Technical Textiles and Nonwovens, AED

The Technical Textiles and Nonwovens business deals with a wide range of materials and related products based on the materials of the Asahi Kasei Group, such as cotton, yarns, textiles, and processed products, and provides splendid service as a business partner of customers in various sectors.
It provides materials and processed products as a matter of course, and processing service, such as lamination, printing, molding, and bag making.
The business deals with AEDs of ZOLL Medical (U.S.).
Our staff members who have expert knowledge will respond to your requests and provide better proposals for each material.

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Plastics Materials and Products

  • Plastics Materials and Products

Our plastics business mainly handles general-purpose plastics, performance plastics and resins, and cleaning agents for plastic molding machines.
We have also endeavored to develop new areas of business and applications, from environmental viewpoints.
For example, we have sold polycarbonate resins made from CO2, made proposals on resin recycling, and sold numerous low environmental load products to our customers.
This way, we have contributed to the environment and society.

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  • Chemicals

Our chemical business offers a wide variety of materials and products, including inorganic chemicals, performance materials, and water treatment products and systems. As a member of the Asahi Kasei Group, we proposes total solutions of performance materials and products.

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Construction Materials

  • Construction Materials

Our construction material business mainly handles insulation materials, external wall materials, and structural materials.
We sell environmental-friendly, pleasant products suited with the times, and propose processing or combination to promote streamlining on site.
We will be a convenient, valuable, familiar trading company of construction materials that enjoys a reputation for "I am so happy that I am consulted by Asahi Kasei Advance after all," by for example, receiving a contract for full-precutting of performance insulation materials, realizing zero emissions on site, and constructing heat-shock-free houses.
Currently, we sell our products only in Japan.

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Relationship between operating companies of Asahi Kasei and businesses of Asahi Kasei Advance

Relationship between operating companies of Asahi Kasei and businesses of Asahi Kasei Advance

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