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Message from the President

Contributing to human life and human livelihood
through constant innovation and advances based in science and the human intellect.

On April 1, 2015, three well-patronized Asahi Kasei Group companies – namely Asahi Kasei Trading Co., Ltd., Asahi Kasei Intertextiles Corporation, and Asahi Kasei Commerce Co., Ltd. – merged to form a new entity, “Asahi Kasei Advance Corporation.”

We aim to improve our operations as a trading company by integrating the human resources and accumulated data and knowhow, etc. of the three companies, not only to standardize and further develop each of their business domains (mainly processing and sales of fiber, chemical products, plastic products, and construction materials), but also to proactively promote new areas of business.

We aim to provide high quality services to clients and stakeholders across wider areas, develop our business operations globally as the “sales frontline” for the Asahi Kasei Group, as implied by “Advance” in the name, and ensure steady progress with all company employees working together in order to contribute to public “life” and “living.”

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support.

President & Representative Director
Presidential Executive Officer
Masanori Yagami

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