Plastics Materials and Products

Our plastics business mainly handles general-purpose plastics, performance plastics and resins, and cleaning agents for plastic molding machines.
We have also endeavored to develop new areas of business and applications, from environmental viewpoints.
For example, we have sold polycarbonate resins made from CO2, made proposals on resin recycling, and sold numerous low environmental load products to our customers.
This way, we have contributed to the environment and society.

Products in focus

Automotive materials

AS products




Performance resins Ultra high
molecular weight PE
Transparent sheet Filled PP Polycarbonate

General-purpose plastics

  • General-purpose plastics

Food containers and packages, sundries, construction materials, toys, plastic bags, etc.
General-purpose resin is frequently used in our daily lives.
We support a stable supply of quality products.

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Performance resins & plastics

  • Performance resins & plastics

Electronic equipment, OA equipment, personal computers, white goods, etc.
Performance resins and plastics are frequently used in our daily lives.
We help you improve your competitiveness with our lineups centering on the performance resins and plastics of Asahi Kasei Chemicals.

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Automotive materials

  • Automotive materials

A large amount of resin is used in cars.
With the trend toward environmental friendliness and weight savings, we propose materials of higher value.

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  • Electronics

Optical fibers are used in communication equipment and optical sensors.
Epoxy resin modifiers that are frequently used in the electronics field.
Consult us about packaging materials, and other items in the above-mentioned fields.

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Environment-friendly products

  • Environment-friendly products

We support a wide range of your production activities for our environmentally-conscious customers, such as sales of resin materials, which makes CO2 reduction possible, treatment of waste plastics, and sale of recycled materials.

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Plastic & chemical products

  • Plastic & chemical products

We offer products useful in many situations, such as ultrahigh molecular-weight PE products, plastic foamed products, sheets, and films.

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Synthetic rubbers and elastomers

  • Synthetic rubbers and elastomers

We offer many types of synthetic rubbers and elastomers, such as synthetic rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers of Asahi Kasei Chemicals, styrene types, and olefin types.

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  • Silicone

We offer products of Wacker Asahikasei Silicone.
We meet your needs with our variety lineups, including oil products, resin products, elastomer products, and silane products.

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Cleaners & related materials

  • Cleaners & related materials

We offer cleaning agents for plastic molding machines and industrial cleaners of Asahi Kasei Chemicals.
We meet your needs with our variety lineups.

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Is there anything we can do to help you?

Do you wish to make processed resin products (molded products, films)?

We offer a wide range of resin products, including the following:

  • Injection-molded products (PS, ABS, PMMA, PC, etc.)
  • Blow-molded products (PE, etc.)
  • Various types of films (CPS, PE, nylon, PBT, etc.)
  • Extrusion-molded products (PC, Nylon 66, POM)
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Do you need advice on resin molding?

Our company offers technical services (TS) related to resin molding, and helps you develop products that effectively utilize the characteristics of each material.

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Do you wish to gather information about our overseas business development?

See this page for details.

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Do you wish to purchase resin products in small lots?

See this page for details.

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Do you wish to consult about waste plastic disposal?

We can make proposals on appropriate recycling methods, including purchasing.
Check the materials, conditions, forms, and volumes, and consult our persons in charge.

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Are you having troubles treating wastewater?

Consult us from here.

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For information about each material, please contact us using the form.

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