Flexible, strong, and with excellent elasticity, MEF is a moldable polyethylene foam which can be molded into a wide range of shapes.

With its excellent cushioning, flexibility, strength, and elasticity, polyethylene foam is widely used as a packaging material, industrial material, and also as a building material.

ME = Moldable × polyEthylene Foam

1. Moldability of MEF

  • The ability to design with creative freedom as complex shapes can be shaped by molds.
    The ability to create large quantities of uniform molded products of complex shapes.

2. Performance of MEF

  • Excellent cushioning and resistance to repeated shock.

  • Thanks to its flexibility, surface toughness and durability, very few cracks, crumbs, and little dust is generated, so surface protection is excellent.

  • Excellent oil resistance, chemical resistance, and heat resistance.

  • Very few particles are generated by cracking and crumbling, so the product can be stored as it is.
    In addition, a thin partition structure also inhibits cracking and crumbling, enabling improved packing and loading efficiency.

A feature is its use for a wide range of applications

Since the material is formed by shaping bead-shaped foam raw material in a mold, it is possible to create complex shapes in large quantities. Such products are used in a wide variety of applications, tailored to the needs of customers.

Proposal of total solutions

Proposal of total solutions
  • Higher transport efficiency due to more efficient packing and reduced dimensions (size)
  • Lower cost due to making one-way packaging returnable
  • Lower cost for insurance due to fewer transport accidents

Physical properties