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Precautions for handling

AIways observe all of the following precautions for any DURANOL™ handling,use,or storage
Consult the relevant Safety Data Sheet(SDS),available from Asahi Kasei Corporation before handling or using any DURANOL™ grade.The SDS and the following precautions apply only to DURANOL™ as supplied,and it is the customer's responsibility to investigate and ascertain the safety and suitability of any materials or equipment and their use with DURANOL™

1. Application

Do not use DURANOL™ in any application which might involve its contact with medicines, pharmaceuticals, medical devices,food, or drinking water, or any application which might resuit in personal iniury orhealth degradation.
Consult Asahi Kasei Corporation for further information.

2. Precautions for health and safety

When handling DURANOL™, wear protective equipment (protective glasses, protective gloves) in order to avoid direct contact with skin.
When handling DURANOL™ at high temperature, wear the protective equipment such as a gas mask for organic gas in order not to inhale the vapor of monomers mixed. When the product gets into the eye, attaches to the skin, or is swallowed mistakenly, apply appropriate first-aid treatment (such as sufficient washing with clean water and removal using cloth) and immediately seek treatment from a doctor.

3. Precautions for burning

Since DURANOL™ is flammable, handle and store it at a place away from heat or ignition source. In case it burns, it can be extinguished with water, bubble extinguishing agents, and powder extinguishing agents.

4. Treatment in case of leakage

In the case of the liquid grade, absorb it with a waste cloth, sawdust, or the like and incinerate it. In the case or the solid grade, clean it immediately and incinerate it.

5. Precautions for disposal

Dissolve DURANOL™ with an appropriate solvent. Dispose of it in accordance with national, regional and local laws and regulations.
When incinerating the product yourself, please conduct processing in conformity with the applicable laws and regulations.

6. Precautions for storage

Seal the container tightly and store it in a cool and dark place away from direct sunlight.
Since DURANOL™ has hygroscopicity, please use it as quickly as possible after opening the container.
When storing the product for a long period after opening the container, perform nitrogen gas displacement and seal tightly.


The contents of this written material are prepared based on the materials, information, and data available at present and may be subject to revision due to new knowledge.
Note that the contents are intended for provision of information, not for warranty.
Therefore, When using DURANOL™, consider the use environment, design and other factors sufficiently and judge that there is no problem with your product.
The use of DURANOL™ is the sole responsibility of the user.

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