September 12, 2006
Chisso Asahi Fertilizer Co., Ltd.
Chisso Corp.
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp.

Integration of fertilizer operations
Chisso and Asahi Kasei Chemicals have agreed to integrate their respective fertilizer R&D and production operations in their joint venture Chisso Asahi Fertilizer. Chisso Asahi Fertilizer has performed marketing and sales of fertilizer products developed and produced by its parent companies since 1969. The integration of R&D and production in Chisso Asahi Fertilizer is scheduled for January 1, 2007.

The fertilizer R&D and production of Chisso is located at sites in Minamata, Kumamoto, and Tobata, Fukuoka, while that of Asahi Kasei Chemicals is centered in its site in Fuji, Shizuoka. The integration of fertilizer R&D and production will enable swift response to changes in the operating climate and the acceleration of new product development, with enhanced efficiency throughout R&D, production, and management, reinforcing Chisso Asahi Fertilizer's presence as a key supplier to Japan's agricultural and horticultural industries.

With the transfer of R&D and production operations, the share of ownership in Chisso Asahi Fertilizer held by Chisso will increase from 50% to 65%, while that of Asahi Kasei Chemicals will decrease from 50% to 35%.

Chisso Asahi Fertilizer corporate profile
(as of March 31, 2006)
President: Takeshi Sato
Head Office: Bunkyo, Tokyo
Establishment: July 1969
Business line: Marketing and sale of fertilizer
Net sales: ¥19 billion (year ended March 2006)
Employees: 74
Offices: Tokyo, Sapporo, Tohoku, Fuji, Nagoya, Osaka, Chugoku/Shikoku, Fukuoka, Kumamoto
Paid-in capital: ¥305 million
Shareholding: 50% by Chisso, 50% by Asahi Kasei Chemicals


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