Press Releases – Fiscal 2009

March 25, 2010 Start-up of performance plastics sales subsidiary in Guangzhou, China
March 2, 2010 New Microza™ submerged membrane module for high-turbidity feed water
January 21, 2010 Change in Representative Directors
December 24, 2009 Integration of Bioprocess Businesses in North America
December 24, 2009 Result of arbitration with CoTherix, Inc. of the US
December 4, 2009 Issuance of unsecured straight bonds
October 28, 2009 Start-up of medical device sales subsidiary in Korea
September 30, 2009 Launch of Reveal® DX Insertable Cardiac Monitor
September 28, 2009 Acquisition of shares in Med-Tech Inc.
September 17, 2009 Construction of new plant for therapeutic apheresis devices
September 7, 2009 US Clinical Study Approval for the Evaheart™ LVAS
September 1, 2009 Start of operation at new integrated research complex
August 5, 2009 Joint venture agreement for consolidation of fertilizer operations
August 5, 2009 Change of proportion of shareholding in PS Japan Corp.
July 3, 2009 Dissolution of the joint venture Solotex Corporation
June 30, 2009 Conclusion of memorandum for acetonitrile production in Thailand
June 23, 2009 Microza™ MF selected for large-scale waterworks facility in the Philippines
June 15, 2009 Launch of Planova™ BioEX Virus Filters for Biopharmaceutical Processing
June 4, 2009 Strategic review of Growth Action – 2010 mid-term initiative
June 2, 2009 Study for unification of naphtha cracker operations in Mizushima
May 19, 2009 Conclusion of multi-faceted business alliance
May 12, 2009 Closure of Shiraoi Plant of Asahi Kasei Construction Materials and withdrawal of fine chemicals business of Asahi Kasei Pharma
April 15, 2009 License agreement for development and sale of Flivas™ in Korea
April 7, 2009 Basic agreement for overseas business development for Evaheart™ ventricular assist system


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