March 25, 2010
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp.

Start-up of performance plastics sales subsidiary in Guangzhou, China
Asahi Kasei Chemicals has established Asahi Kasei Plastics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, China, as a sales subsidiary with operation beginning on April 1, 2010, in order to reinforce the sales and marketing of performance plastics-Leona™ polyamide 66, Xyron™ modified polyphenylene ether (mPPE), and Tenac™ polyacetal-in southern China.

With the establishment of performance plastics sales subsidiaries in the U.S., Europe, China, Thailand, and Singapore, and with compounding facilities in the U.S., China, and Thailand, Asahi Kasei Chemicals has advanced the development and reinforcement of a global supply system for performance plastics in line with expanding customer needs for global materials supply in fields such as automobiles, home electronics, and office equipment.

Asahi Kasei Chemicals has proactively developed operations in China to meet customer needs for performance plastics, with sales subsidiaries Asahikasei Plastics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Asahi Kasei Plastics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. to serve the markets in eastern and southern China, respectively, and with a compounding facility at Asahikasei (Suzhou) Plastics Compound Co., Ltd. Recent years have seen remarkable demand growth in southern China, most notably in automotive applications, and this trend is forecasted to continue over the coming years.

Established in January 2010 as a subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Plastics (Hong Kong), Asahi Kasei Plastics (Guangzhou) will gain further sales growth through enhanced customer service, including locally based technical support functions and marketing with a sharper regional focus for closer communication with customers in southern China.

While expanding sales of performance plastics in China by complementing Asahikasei Plastics (Shanghai) and Asahi Kasei Plastics (Hong Kong) with the new sales subsidiary in Guangzhou focused on development of the market in southern China, Asahi Kasei Chemicals will also reinforce its Chinese compounding facility, Asahikasei (Suzhou) Plastics Compound, to ensure that the local supply needs of customers throughout China are met.
Profile of Asahi Kasei Plastics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
President: Yasuo Kawamura
Establishment: January 4, 2010
Paid-in capital: US$150 million (≈¥135 million)
Shareholding: 100% by Asahi Kasei Plastics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.*
Location: Guangzhou, China
Start-up: April 1, 2010
Products: Leona™ polyamide 66, Xyron™ mPPE, and Tenac™ polyacetal
  * Wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Chemicals.


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