September 1, 2009
Asahi Kasei Corporation

Start of operation at new integrated research complex
Acceleration of new business development, collaborative R&D
Asahi Kasei has completed construction of a new integrated research complex within its plant and laboratory grounds in Fuji City, Shizuoka, with operation starting today as the Asahi Kasei Group's key base for R&D and the creation of new businesses.

Construction of this new research complex began in August 2008, to reinforce R&D and advance the creation and development of new businesses in electronic and optical materials and in environment and energy-related technology, fields of focus in the Asahi Kasei Group's Growth Action – 2010 mid-term initiative.

Serving as the key base for R&D to develop new businesses and markets with innovative technology precisely aligned with market needs, the new complex features large clean rooms which enable the use of a wide range of research equipment and apparatus compatible with high-definition and high-purity experimentation. This will facilitate new businesses development through joint and collaborative R&D not only within the Asahi Kasei Group but also with outside organizations.

The new complex will serve to extend and advance the Asahi Kasei Group's approach to R&D which emphasizes the combination of established core technologies with emerging technologies, yielding a high-level synthesis of new technology, with results obtained more quickly, in direct contact with markets and users.
Features of the integrated research complex
Large clean rooms
  Each of the clean rooms is large enough to accommodate equipment for volume production of prototype products and for applications evaluation, enabling quick and seamless advancement to marketing activities.
Facilities for joint work
  A full range of installations is incorporated to facilitate collaboration with customers, universities, research institutions, and other outside organizations.
Global information sharing
  The complex utilizes advanced IT infrastructure and includes venues for hosting international meetings, discussions, forums, and symposiums.
Ecology and ergonomics
  The latest energy conservation technology is incorporated, including a rooftop gardening system, an ice thermal energy storage system, photocatalyst-coated self-cleaning walls, and solar panels. The workspace will be designed for ergonomic comfort and efficiency.
Overview of the integrated research complex
Location: Asahi Kasei Group plant and laboratory site in Fuji City, Shizuoka
Floor space: 22,300 m2
Laboratory building: 5-story, 15,300 m2 floor space
Annex: 5-story, 7,000 m2 floor space
Investment: ¥10 billion
Groundbreaking: August 2008
Completion: September 2009
Targeted fields of research: Electronic and optical materials, environment and energy-related technologies
Personnel: 300
New integrated research complex


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