December 22, 2006
Asahi Kasei EMD Corp.
Asahi Kasei Electronics Co., Ltd.

Start-up of new plant for compound semiconductor wafer processing
Asahi Kasei Electronics (AKE) has begun full commercial operation of its new plant for compound semiconductor wafer processing. The new plant will play a key role as a base for production of high-performance Hall elements for use in cell phones, consumer electronics, automotive, and an expanding range of growing application fields, and will serve as the core for new business development in the field of compound semiconductor thin film devices.

AKE produces and sells Hall elements, Hall ICs, and other magnetic sensors as a core business of the Asahi Kasei EMD Group. AKE is the world's leading producer of Hall elements, with a worldwide market share estimated to be some 70%. Hall elements are most commonly used to sense the rotation of electric motors, enabling precise monitoring and control of motor operation. For use in a wide and expanding array of specialized applications, AKE produces Hall ICs, which combine a Hall sensor with a signal processing IC in a single package, and specialty Hall elements for precise sensing of position and angle.

At the new plant, gallium arsenide (GaAs) wafers are processed to form high-performance Hall elements and other compound semiconductor devices. The performance of Hall elements produced at the new plant is far superior to that previously available, particularly in terms of temperature dependency and sensing precision. These advanced products will better enable AKE to meet emerging customer needs in precision parts for consumer electronics, where strong demand growth is forecast, and in electronic components for automotive use, which require reliable tolerance to extreme temperature conditions.

As announced earlier, the marketing, sales, research, and development functions of AKE are scheduled to transfer to Asahi Kasei EMD on April 1, 2007. The new plant will form the base for development and strengthening the compound semiconductor device business under the new organizational alignment of operations at Asahi Kasei EMD.

Corporate profiles
Asahi Kasei EMD Corp.
President: Makoto Konosu
Establishment: October 2003
Paid-in capital: ¥3 billion
Shareholding: 100% Asahi Kasei Corp.
Head office: Shinjuku, Tokyo
Major products: Pimel™ photosensitive polyimide precursor, Sunfort™ photosensitive dry film resist, photomask pellicles, fine-pattern coils, plastic optical fiber.
Employees: Approx. 300
Consolidated sales: ¥102.9 billion (year ended March 31, 2006)
Asahi Kasei Electronics Co.,Ltd.
President: Makoto Konosu
Establishment: July 1980
Paid-in capital: ¥400 million
Shareholding: 100% Asahi Kasei EMD Corp.
Head office: Shinjuku, Tokyo
Major products: Hall elements, Hall ICs, and other magnetic sensors.
Employees: Approx. 750


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