January 31, 2007
Asahi Kasei Corporation
Security Code: 3407

Announcement of revision of plan for year-end dividend
The Board of Directors of Asahi Kasei Corp. has today adopted a resolution for a ¥1 per share increase in the amount planned for the year-end dividend for the current fiscal year, ending March 31, 2007.

Based on the performance forecast for the fiscal year which was announced on October 31, 2006, annual dividends of ¥11 per share were planned. The performance forecast for the fiscal year has now been revised upward, including record-high net income, as shown below. Greater profitability is forecast most notably in chemicals operations, with increased product prices to reflect elevated feedstock costs, and in electronics operations, with strong demand in consumer electronics applications.

As shown following, the year-end dividend which had been planned at ¥6 per share is now planned at ¥7 per share. Together with the ¥5 per share interim dividend, this raises annual dividends for the fiscal year to ¥12 yen per share.

  Per share
Interim dividend Year-end dividend Annual dividends
FY 2005
(ended March 31, 2006)
¥5 ¥5 ¥10
Previous plan for FY 2006
(ending March 31, 2007)
¥5 ¥6 ¥11
Revised plan for FY 2006 ¥5 ¥7 ¥12

Consolidated performance forecast for FY 2006 (¥ million)
  Net sales Operating profit Ordinary profit Net income
Previous forecast 1,612,000 115,000 112,000 64,000
Revised forecast 1,617,000 125,000 121,000 68,000
Increase 5,000 10,000 9,000 4,000
Percent change 0.3% 8.7% 8.0% 6.3%
cf. FY 2005 results 1,498,620 108,726 104,166 59,668


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