May 22, 2007
Asahi Kasei Corporation

Start-up of health guidance business
- alliance with the Japan Dietetic Association-

Asahi Kasei Corp. will begin operation of a new business for the provision of health guidance in June 2007. Services will be available on a consignment basis through outsourcing from insurers such as employee health insurance societies and local governments which administer Japan's National Health Insurance. Fiscal 2010 sales are targeted at ¥1 billion.

As part of a wide-ranging reform of Japan's health care system beginning in April 2008, health insurers in Japan will bear a legal obligation to provide a specified array of physical examinations and health guidance to insured individuals and their dependents aged forty or older. The specified examinations and guidance are designed to advance prevention of metabolic syndrome.

Physicians, public health nurses, and registered dieticians will be qualified to perform the specified guidance, which includes consultation. Without large numbers of such qualified personnel throughout Japan wherever insured individuals live, many insurers will need to outsource the required health guidance.

Through an alliance with the Japan Dietetic Association, Asahi Kasei's new health guidance service will have access to a large number of registered dieticians throughout Japan. This will make it possible for insurers to fulfill their health guidance obligation nationwide with a single comprehensive consignment agreement.

Since 2000, Asahi Kasei has operated an internet-based personal diet management system, in which registered dieticians analyze digital photos of meals and provide dietary advice to the individual user. Some 150 clients, including medical institutions, health insurance societies, local governments, and fitness facilities, utilize the system. The health guidance service announced today builds on the know-how and experience gained in this field.


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