December 12, 2007
Asahi Kasei Corporation

Notice of revision of forecast results

Forecast consolidated results for the fiscal 2007 (ending March 31, 2008) announced on October 31, 2007, have been revised as follows:

(¥ million)  
Reasons for revision
As an effect of construction delays necessitated by modifications to restore Hebel Haus™ and Hebel Maison™ homes contracted but not yet under construction and those under construction to their original performance specifications in relation to the situation as described in the October 30, 2007, news release Improper Acquisition of Ministerial Certification by Nichias Corp., the number of home units to be delivered during fiscal 2007 by Asahi Kasei Homes Corp., wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Corp., is now forecast to fall below that originally planned.

Note: The above revision of forecast consolidated results is based on the best information available at this time, but actual results may diverge from these forecasts due to a variety of factors which cannot be foreseen.

Effect on consolidated results for the first half of fiscal 2007
As compensation for costs which are forecast to emerge in relation to remediation of homes which have been delivered will be claimed from Nichias Corp., we do not anticipate any effect on consolidated results for the first half of fiscal 2007.
Fiscal 2007 consolidated sales forecast by segment (¥ billion)  
Fiscal 2007 consolidated operating profit forecast by segment (¥ billion)  


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