June 9, 2008
Asahi Kasei EMD Corp.

Completion of capacity expansion at China dry film plant
Asahi Kasei EMD has completed a large expansion of capacity at its plant in China for Sunfort™ and DFR™ dry film photoresist (dry film) for printed wiring boards, from 180 million m2/year to 280 million m2/year.

The plant in China, operated by subsidiary Asahi Kasei Electronics Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., was already the world's largest dry film plant prior to the expansion. With a 90 million m2/year dry film plant in Fuji, Japan, and the new capacity in China now operating commercially, Asahi Kasei EMD's total dry film capacity has risen to a world-leading 370 million m2/year.
Corporate profile of Asahi Kasei Electronics Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Establishment: May 2002
Location: Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Paid-in capital: RMB181 million
Shareholding: 100% by Asahi Kasei EMD Corp.
Business line: Production and sale of Sunfort™ and DFR™ dry film


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