Participation in an afforestation program in the Horqin Desert of Inner Mongolia, China

April 16, 2014
Asahi Kasei Corp.

Asahi Kasei Corporation planted 5,500 trees in the Horqin desert of Inner Mongolia on April 1213, 2014, as part of an effort to counter desertification in that area.

Since 2011, the Asahi Kasei Group and China Business News, China’s leading business media group, have jointly advanced an environmental public service project to heighten people’s awareness for environmental protection, aiming toward achieving a sustainable future for China.

As part of this project, the tree-planting program is advanced in concert with the people of China, with the number of trees planted determined by the number of photos and followers of subjects related to environmental protection such as “tree” and “water” on Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo. The program to plant trees in the Horqin desert of Inner Mongolia is performed in partnership with NGO “Shanghai Roots & Shoots,” and certified as part of The Million Tree Project.

Nine personnel from Asahi Kasei affiliates in China participated in the program. In addition to planting 5,500 poplar trees that can withstand arid conditions in the Horqin desert, where desertification is rapidly expanding, participants gained a renewed awareness of environmental protection by pruning poplar trees planted in 2010 as well as observing the vigorous growth of trees planted in 2012 despite the harsh environment of the area.

Asahi Kasei will continue to contribute to the nurturing of the planted trees as a valuable forest resource, and participate in a variety of other environmental conservation activities in China.

The afforestation program in 2014

Pruning poplar trees planted in 2010

The area planted in 2012


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