Construction of a second plant for plastic compounds in the US

May 20, 2014
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp.

Asahi Kasei Chemicals has finalized a decision to construct a plant for plastic compounds1 in Athens, Alabama, as the second plant of its US subsidiary Asahi Kasei Plastics North America, Inc. (APNA).


The number of automobiles manufactured in North America is increasing in line with a recovery in the US economy, and further growth is anticipated as the population increases. With increasingly stringent environmental regulations and heightening environmental awareness among consumers, demand growth is particularly strong for plastic compounds that replace metal in automotive components to reduce vehicle weight.

Having identified an expansion of compounding operations as a critical element in the strategic growth of its engineering plastics business, Asahi Kasei Chemicals has expanded its compounding facilities in Asia as well as in Michigan, where APNA is based. Construction of the second North American plant for compounds in Alabama will enable increased supply to meet customer needs in the Southern US, where demand growth is most notable.

Outside North America, Asahi Kasei Chemicals has operating bases for plastic compounds in Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, and Belgium. The company will continue to develop high-quality and high-performance products in accordance with market needs, while studying ways to further expand its supply infrastructure.

  • 1Synthetic resin containing glass fiber, flame retardants, and other additives to provide additional performance characteristics.

Outline of the second compounding plant

Location:   Athens, Alabama
Capacity:   30,000 tons/year
Main products:   Thermylene™ PP, Leona™ PA66, and other performance plastic compounds
Start-up:   Early 2016

Corporate profile of Asahi Kasei Plastics North America, Inc.

Location:   Fowlerville, Michigan
Establishment:   July 2000 (company name changed in August 2005)
President:   John Moyer
Shareholder:   Asahikasei Plastics (America) Inc.* (100%)
Operation:   Manufacture and sale of Thermylene™ PP, Leona™ PA66, and other performance plastic compounds
Capacity:   105,000 tons/year
  • *Wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Chemicals.


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