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What is ETJ™

ETJTM(Electrical Transition Joint) has excellence in electrical properties, mechanical
properties and corrosion resistance.
ETJTM is used in metal refining, salt electrolyzer, chemical plant, cryogenics, heavy-duty electrical parts, shipbuilding and others.

2.Major features

  1. Excellent electrical properties
    Since no inferior alloys exist between different types of metals ( interfaces to be
    bonded together), electric resistance is so small that conductivity is very close to
    the theoretical value.
  2. Excellent mechanical properties
    The bonding strength is so large that the breaking-away which was observed in
    the breaking test is not at the interfaces but at the weak metal part.
    No influence whatsoever was seen in the bending and tensile strength tests.
  3. Excellent heat resistance
    The composite plate generally has a problem of stress in each component plate due to thermal expansion. But the transition joints by explosive bonding process are affected little by heat. It has been confirmed that there is no change in bonding strength even after 5,000-time repetitions of temperature cycle of 250°C (in air)-25°C (in water).
  4. Excellent workability
    Since the thickness of different types of metals can be selected at will and the bonding strength is very large, the working can be done freely for welding, flame-cutting, machining, bending, deep drawing and others.
  5. Negligible electrolytic corrosion
    Electrolytic corrosion can be prevented with ease because no electrolyte will enter
    between the interfaces if only the exposed exterior faces are protected with paint.


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