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Precaution for use

Explosion bonded clad plate does not demonstrate its original features if the use is not appropriate.Please note the following for the use of clad plate.


  • Attention needs to be paid on contact with water and oil during the storage and handling.It can cause the rust, corrosion and tarnish.
  • Please store in the dry and clean room and avoid the storage in high temperature.
  • Please avoid the contact with other metals, which can cause the galvanic and electric corrosion.


Please pay attention to the followings

  • Burr at the edge of the clad plate, which can cause the cut. Wearing the safety glove is recommended.
  • Burn injury and inhaling the fume when welding. Please wear the appropriate guard.
  • Fire caused by spatter spread. Please make sure there is no flammable material around when welding.

Welding precautions for CCJ·CCJ-Ag·STJ·VACJOINIT·ETJ

  • Do not overheat explosion bonded zone. Temperature and welding time must not exceed the following
    : Max 350℃ x 30 minutes.
    : Max 200℃ x 30 minutes
    : Max 350℃ x 30 minutes
    : Max 300℃ x 30 minutes
  • Products have aluminum, titanium, nickel, stainless steel or silver in its composition.Please note the material type in each product and avoid the contact from any corrosive or reactive liquids against each metal in composition.
  • Please consult us for use of CCJ™ to oxygen ,hydrogen or carbon monoxide fluid which may cause the bad reaction
    (CCJ™-Ag can be used for those fluids)


  • Do not use the product other than the intended application purposes.
  • Please scrap the product if it becomes unnecessary. Do not divert to another use.
  • Please note the material type before the use, if you have metal allergy.
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