What is Bemberg

It feels so precious.
Superior comfort at all times

Fluidly follows the movements of the body,
creating a seductive, charming sheen.
Feels soft and smooth to the touch - like a second skin.
For those who exude both elegance and gentleness.
With a shape and style for every occasion,
Bemberg enhances the attractiveness of the wearer.

Basic policies of Bemberg

  • Enrich people's hearts and lives by creating products that have never been invented before.
  • Offer the highest-quality services and products as we combine rich human resources and its organazational and technological strengths.
  • Continue creating economic and social value by adapting to a wide variety of environments.

The raw material of Bemberg

Bemberg is a regenerated fiber made from cotton linter, by-product which is removed for extracting cottonseed oil.

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Bemberg has both the gentleness of natural fiber and the functionality of chemical fiber

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About out manufacturing plant, laboratory, and associated facilities.
Tours and visits are available upon request.

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Born in the late 19th century, Bemberg has been expanding its features and applications to keep pace with fashion.

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Numeric data on Bemberg

Easy-to-understand manner with numbers.

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