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What is Bemberg?

Crafted Elegance

Indulge in the blissful sensation as it glides across your skin.
Revel in the deep colors that exude a myriad of moods.
Crafted of nature’s blessings with prime techniques,
Bemberg is a gem of unparalleled comfort.
Accentuating the true beauty of the wearer through innovation is our timeless passion
that has woven a heritage of over nine decades,
capturing the hearts of people around the world.
It’s the one-of-a-kind material that reflects the grace and elegance of those who wear it like no other can.
Crafted Elegance Bemberg


We have established a transparent purchasing and production method that introduces a closed-loop systems, while aiming to achieve a sustainable society from a wide range of viewpoints.

Functionality and Applications

We deliver highly refined comfort in various situations to enrich your life. A big feature of the appeal of Bemberg is its versatility. People who select Bemberg find that it’s “Joy to Choose, and Joy to Wear.”


We share a sense of values with our partner around the world who demand Bemberg quality, and promote product development and environmentally-conscious technological innovation that take advantage of the unique character of each region.