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Textures that enhance relaxation.

With its soft feel, comfortable texture, and moisture absorbing/releasing properties, Bemberg has integrated itself into people's lives in all sorts of household items, from bedding to towels and rugs.
Various types of Bemberg materials, such as cooling, heat-insulating, and deodorizing fabrics, meet peoples' relaxation needs, enhancing their quality of life at home.

Bemberg is combined with various materials, all for the quality comfort at home.

Features of materials using Bemberg

1It keeps the wearer fresh with excellent moisture absorbing and releasing properties.

The moisture absorption of Bemberg-polyester blended filling is 2.7 times higher than that of polyester filling. It constantly absorbs moisture generated from the body during sleep and releases it to the outside, keeping the body fresh and ensuring comfortable sleep.

  • *30% Bemberg and 70% polyester
  • *The moisture regain was calculated by measuring the weight of the sample when the ambient was changed from extremely dry state to a highly humid state, and then to the standard state.

2Cool and comfortable

Bemberg fiber contains water with high thermal conductivity. Bedding pads using Bemberg keeps the user cool and comfortable in summer.

3It keeps warm by absorbing moisture and generating heat.

Bemberg blended filling absorbs moisture, generates heat, and retains the warm air in the void created between Bemberg and polyester, creating comfortable warmth.

4Gentle touch

The cross section of a Bemberg fiber is almost perfectly round, and its surface is smooth. This is why a towel made of Bemberg blends feels soft and gentle on the skin.

  • Bemberg Regular Type
    Fiber cross-section(×700)
  • Cotton
    Fiber cross-section(×700)

5Bemberg DC with anti-odor function

Bemberg DC is a highly durable material with a anti-odor function, which is enabled by the property modification of raw fiber. It is effective for eliminating the odors of ammonia, acetic acid, and isovaleric acid, which are responsible for the sweaty smell.

  • 【Ammonia】 *General standard:70%
  • 【Acetic acid】 *General standard:70%
  • 【Isovaleric acid】 *General standard:85%

Sample: Jersey (56% Bemberg, 36% nylon, and 8% elastane)

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