Lends grace and fluidity to movements.
Gives the wearer an inner radiance.


1Smoothness: Linings ensure the smooth movement of the body.

The silky, smooth texture of the surface is a unique feature of Bemberg. As a low friction material, Bemberg allows you to feel its smoothness when you move your body.

Coefficient of friction against cotton fabric

*Values measured with KES-SE (The smaller the value, the smoother.)

2Moisture control: Bemberg keeps clothes cool and dry, ensuring fresh comfort.

Bemberg rapidly absorbs moisture trapped inside garments, keeping them cool and dry.

The experiment shows Bemberg linings (left) absorb moisture well, whereas the polyester linings (right) virtually absorb no moisture.

3Anti-static property: Bemberg rapidly releases static, keeping pollen and dust away from clothes.

Bemberg rapidly releases static into the air, preventing dust and pollen from adhering to clothes.

Friction-charged electrostatic potential(V)

*Friction with wool fabric
Based on JISL1094

4Color depth: Bemberg expresses deepest colors

Bemberg features superior dyeability, enabling deepest colors to be produced. In addition, the elegant luster that is unique to Bemberg adds a touch of elegance from the inside to the outside of clothes.

  • Bemberg lining/Black/Taffetas
  • Polyester lining/Deeply dyed/Black/Taffetas
  • Polyester lining/Black/Taffetas

Measured at Asahi Kasei R&D Laboratory for applied products

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