Lends grace and fluidity to movements.
Gives the wearer an inner radiance.


1Excellent moisture absorbing and releasing properties keep the wearer cool and comfortable in summer.

What makes people feel hot in summer is the uncomfortable stuffiness. This stuffiness comes out on the clothes or skin when perspiration dissipated from the body is saturated. With its moisture absorbing and releasing properties, Bemberg absorbs perspiration and releases it to the outside, thereby prevents the skin and clothes from becoming moist. Accordingly we can say that clothes with Bemberg lining keep the wearer cooler and more comfortable than single-layer clothes with no lining.

Changes of temperature and humidity inside clothes in daily life *Assumptions

2Protect clothes from the adhesion of dust /pollen

In the dry season, static is generated on the clothes due to friction between the outer material and lining. Static not only makes the clothes cling each other uncomfortably, but also attracts dust and pollen in the air. The use of Bemberg, a material with anti-static properties, prevents clinging and the adhesion of dust/pollen, also helps to protect the outer material.

Dust/pollen adhesion test [comparison of dust/pollen adhesion to wool as the outer material]

  Bemberg Cotton Silk Polyester Acetate

*In this experiment, wool as the outer material is frictioned with lining made of each material and then slowly moved close to the dust/pollen at 1 cm above to see how much dust/pollen adheres to it.

3Protects clothes from fabric softer

In recent years, fabric softer has been used not only for washing at home but also by professional cleaners. While ensuring the soft finish of clothes, fabric softer may cause seam slippage in some cases. For example, there are cases in which washing lipophilic polyester lining (particularly alkali weight-reduction finish) with fabric softer aggravates seam slippage. With Bemberg lining, seam slippage will not be aggravated significantly, even when with fabric softer.

Seam slippage caused by use of fabric softer during washing
Fabric softer: Ester-type dialkyl ammonium salt

Measured at Asahi Kasei R&D Laboratory for applied products

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