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The cellulose continuous-filament nonwoven that
is an all-natural fit for the soil.

Performance with Sustainability.

The environment benefits from natural materials backed by superior technology and quality. Bemliese™ has been widely used in the Japanese agricultural sector for seed mats, its performance features providing a biofriendly and reliable way to protect seeds and soil.

The Bemliese™ Advantages in This Area

Superior biodegradability for harmony with the environment
High purity, with low contaminants or other foreign matter

From Nature, Back to Nature

After use, returning to earth

Because Bemliese™ comes from 100% cotton linter, it has excellent biodegradability that lends to natural decomposition. If returned to earth, Bemliese™ will be broken down by microorganisms.

Bemliese™ (110g/m2)

Biodegradability test, by mixing nonwoven fabric with compost and incubation in a dark place at a temperature of 28℃. Water content checked regularly. Adjusted as needed. Compost regularly stirred, with visual verification of the state of decomposition of nonwoven fabric.

Success StoryAchieving efficiency and reducing waste

Bemliese™ shows the impact a superior material can make in the most fundamental elements of agriculture: planting and harvesting.

Success Story | Vol.1

Seed tapes

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With “Reduced Labor for More, Better Produce” as its motto, our partner company was established to promote and expand the seeder agricultural method. To broaden the acceptance of this method, the company set up production equipment for seeder tape, developed and produced seeder machinery, and produced seeder tape. The benefits of seeder agriculture include less labor in sowing (easy alignment of the seeded rows, thinning made unnecessary), uniform harvests, and lower amounts of defective crops.


Initially, the materials used for the tape were paper, rayon paper and PVA. However, for paper and rayon paper, germination rates would worsen depending on the type of crop, necessitating a search for alternative materials. Bemliese™ has moderate thickness and openness, making it easy to use and was therefore adopted for the tape material. Currently, Bemliese™ and PVA are the only two varieties being used for tape material.

Why Bemliese™?

Bemliese™ has low basis weight (20g/m2) but as a cellulose nonwoven with thickness of high uniformity, the meshing has a moderate openness so that in comparison with conventional materials, the germination rate improved and the rate of defective crops decreased. Other companies’ cellulose nonwoven fabrics could not create a uniform low basis weight product, in addition to both corrosiveness and germination efficiency being poor.

The Challenge We Welcomed

Bemliese™ seed tape was mainly used for carrots and spinach, but the need to find other types of produce as new applications of Bemliese™ seed tape for our partner company led to additional exploration in collaboration with Asahi Kasei. Because produce ordinarily grows in one-year units, repair and improvement of any deficiencies also become measured in one-year units and take a very long time to implement. However, Asahi Kasei, by its commitment to a steady path of development and patient cooperation, was able to further build on the trust between partners.

A Natural Fit, in So Many Ways

Agricultural netting for erosion (water and wind) management and crop protection

This biodegradable protective netting acts as a coating to prevent seed and soil erosion from rain, wind and other conditions when seeding on sloping or flat surfaces, enhancing the ability of the turf to take root.

Seed tapes

Bemliese™ is formed into a tape that has embedded seeds of the vegetable or flower crop. The seed amount and planting intervals can be pre-adujsted as needed, which provides labor efficiency by alleviating the need to hand adjust the spacing of the planting. Soaking the tape as is with water induces germination and allows a more stable sprouting of the crop.

Additional details

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Turf/lawn cloth

Seeds are layered between Bemliese sheets. It reduces the labor of seeding and provides erosion protection.

Business That Begins from the Ground Up.

Agricultural applications for Bemliese™ exist on a global scale, and opportunities in this fundamentally vital industry are awaiting our collaboration. You can begin this journey with a click below.

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