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Bemliese™ has broad applications for healthcare use. We provide Bemliese™ for two main categories here, Professional (medical) and Consumer (household).

The Bemliese™ Advantages in This Area

Low particles, low lint mean lower contamination risk Helps prevent lint adhesion to the mucous membrane of wounds, reduces risk of internal contamination by foreign bodies on medical equipment.
High liquid absorption and retention Absorbs bodily fluids, provides effective hemostasis, has superior swabbing capability, maintains moisture, has high permeability efficiency for medical fluids.
High purity for assured hygiene standards Gentle to skin, safe for oral use.
High smoothness/low friction for avoiding skin irritation or damage Provides smoothness when moist for minimal damage to skin.


For Professional use, both caregiver and patient can be assured by the contribution that Bemliese™ makes to treatment, recovery and prevention regimens.

Success StoryWhen you must consistently meet the highest hygienic standards

See how Bemliese™ is an indispensable asset to the healthcare requirements at hospital, clinical and laboratory environments.

Success Story | Vol.1

Endoscope wipes

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This product is the result of cooperative engagement among healthcare workers, the sanitary material manufacturer that is the authorized sales representative for Haize Gauze, the original gauze manufacturer and Asahi Kasei. It all started with a full immersion into the demanding cleaning specifications required by the specialists who guide infection prevention in hospitals, to help define the appropriate and efficient cleaning tools they need.


Endoscopes are precision instruments that are in contact with mucous membranes. Despite that, at the time of this product’s development there were no unified protocols for the post-use cleaning of endoscopes and each medical institution applied their individually developed cleaning protocols. Endoscope manufacturers recommended the use of dedicated fully automatic cleaning equipment, but with over an hour required to clean just one endoscope, medical institutions predominantly adopted their own simplified methods. As a result, the surface of the scope was simply wiped down with alcohol before the next examination, recycled gauze or cotton towels were used, multiple scopes were being wiped with the same sheet, and instead of cleaning after each use, the scopes were mass cleaned after examination hours had finished. The need to enlighten the endoscopy community with the superiority of endoscope wipes made with Bemliese™ used in conjunction with the appropriate cleaning methods was clear. We conducted nationwide infection management lectures with endoscopists to demonstrate proper cleaning of their equipment.

Why Bemliese™?

Because Bemliese™ has high absorbency and minimal fiber loss and absorbs the cleaning fluid well, no lint is left behind, and thus is an ideal material for an endoscope cleaning cloth. The interior of the endoscope is hollow, so that if material with a high lint content is applied, the lint residue accumulates during wiping. The lint residue is organic, becoming a nutrient source for bacteria and viruses and creating a breeding environment for them. Moreover, this could lead to malfunctions of the costly instruments.

The Challenge We Welcomed

With the cooperation of nurse practitioners and hospitals, Asahi Kasei produced a manual on cleaning procedures. We promoted this directly to medical facilities and conducted nationwide lecture programs for nurse practitioners where product information was disseminated. Subsequently, the Japan Endoscope Association’s Endoscope Disinfection Methodology Guidelines 2003 was revised to reflect nearly completely the content of our lecture program. Currently, many hospitals are using this endoscope wipe.

Success Story | Vol.2

Haize Gauze (medical gauze)

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Asahi Kasei’s partner is one of Japan’s oldest (founded in 1653) and renowned producers of functional nonwoven products for industrial, medical and consumer use. As a joint effort to expand applications of Bemliese™ to medical-grade gauze products, we made inquiries to sanitary materials manufacturing and sales companies in Japan, for the purpose of selling disposable nonwoven gauze. We found the two most prominent companies in this segment. At the time of our initiative, only medical woven gauze existed in the market, and one company declined our offer because it was about product outside of this category. However, the other company, which had foreseen the rise in nonwoven products, saw the advantage in early category entry and agreed to our proposal. We found another six companies that we invited to join, and built a nationwide sales network through these seven companies.


Among the considerations in expanding applications of Bemliese™ to this category were the product look and feel, which led us to conclude that gauze was a logical end use. We promoted the product qualities of high absorbency, lint-free material, and purity. It was the time of the OPEC oil embargo, and hospitals in Japan were running short of the conventional medical woven gauze. We initiated sales as an alternative gauze, and as the marketplace became more aware of our product, over time it became the top brand in the category.

Why Bemliese™?

At the time, Bemliese™ was the only cellulose nonwoven available. Therefore, Bemliese™ became the first nonwoven gauze product brought to market in Japan.

The Challenge We Welcomed

After the oil embargo, a period of extremely poor sales followed. Asahi Kasei responded by seconding the production line staff to an approximate three-month assignment as sales staff, for sales expansion activities. From their original base at our production facility in Nobeoka, Miyazaki Prefecture, the seconded staff accompanied the regular sales force to hospital sales calls covering virtually all areas of Japan. The idea of stopping production and temporarily reassigning production staff to sales was unprecedented. However, Asahi Kasei refused to be held back by conventional rationales. The internal environment of the company made it possible for everyone involved to unite behind the joint sales effort, and this climate lives on within Asahi Kasei to this day.

Specialization for Efficacy and Versatility

Surgical gauze (Neurosurgery)

Endoscope wipes

General medical gauze

Wound dressing material (hydrocolloid/moist)

Ophthalmological pads surface material

  • Dental gauze
  • Location-specific (nose, knee, etc.) wound pads (dry)
  • Dialysis hemostasis material
  • Other applications


For Consumer use, it is comforting to have the same quality demanded by hospitals and medical professionals for everyday products used for your family.

Specialization for Efficacy and Versatility

Baby oral care

Moist body wipes

Birth delivery pads

Sanitary napkin/pantyliner surface material

Absorbent section of incontinence underwear (adult diapers), menstrual underwear

  • Baby wipes
  • Bathing towels
  • Breastfeeding pad surface material
  • Sanitized cotton
  • Other applications

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Bemliese™ has demonstrated its efficacy over decades in Healthcare applications. We want to help you bring this advantage to your customers by listening to your needs. The start is only a click away.

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