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High Function

High Function

Once you try it, you won't be able to forget the smoothness and comfort.
Make your 15-minute skincare routine the most indulgent and relaxing part of the day.

It conforms closely to the skin so you can fully experience the effects of the liquid.
The veil of moisture refreshes your skin.

A facial mask with Bemliese conforms closely to the curves of the face like a second skin. It stays on the skin for 15 minutes or more without peeling. Many users are also amazed by how slowly it dries.
This is because Bemliese has a fiber structure that absorbs a great deal of moisture.
Everyone knows that cotton absorbs moisture well. Being scientifically regenerated from cotton linter using our original technology, Bemliese retains much more moisture than cotton.

It fits comfortably like a second skin

Wet Bemliese is very soft, and conforms closely to contours of the face without creasing or tearing.
This enables the facial mask to provide the luxurious experience of a perfect fit.

The photos at right show the superior adherence of facial masks made from Bemliese compared to other materials. For this evaluation, facial masks with cosmetic liquid absorbed were placed on a wire mesh for five minutes and then applied to the skin.
The adhesion of the facial masks to the skin was observed over time.


<Other material>

Outstanding transparency

Bemliese becomes transparent when it absorbs liquid, providing an unobtrusive appearance while the facial mask is worn.

  • <Bemliese>
  • <Other material>

High absorbency and retention of liquid

Bemliese absorbs a lot of moisture and retains it well. This enables facial masks of Bemliese to dry very slowly.

Amount of liquid absorbency

Test method

  • Water absorption ratio is determined by comparing the weight of fabric samples before and after absorption of water.
  • Water absorption rate = weight after absorption (g) ÷ sample weight (g)

(tested by Asahi Kasei)

Change in liquid absorbency over time

Test method

  • Liquid retention is evaluated by applying a sheet of sample fabric, with liquid fully absorbed, on the bare skin and measuring the loss of liquid over time.
  • Liquid retention rate (%) = weight (g) of the sheet after a certain amount of time ÷ weight (g) of the sheet with liquid fully absorbed (g) ×100%

Facial masks with Bemliese feel moist and smooth on the skin. What is the secret to this smoothness?

Round cross section and less irritation on the skin

One of the secrets lies in the cross section and uniform of the fiber. The cross section of a fiber of Bemliese is almost completely round with uniform thickness. Tests also show that it has less friction than cotton or viscose rayon nonwoven fabrics.

Fiber cross-sections

  • Fabric cross section : Bemliese (filament)Bemliese
  • Fabric cross section : Viscose rayon (staple)Viscose rayon
  • Fabric cross section : Cotton (staple)Cotton
Less pilling
Bemliese, a continuous-filament nonwoven fabric, has less pilling than cotton nonwoven fabrics and other short-fiber nonwoven fabrics. Almost no fibers fall off.

Fabric cross section

  • Image : Bemliese (filament)Bemliese (filament)
  • Image : Other material (staple)Other material (staple)

High purity in binder-free production process

Made without any adhesives or additives, Bemliese utilizes the self-adhering function of its fibers. The result is very little elution of impurities, making it suitable for use in medical and skincare products that involve direct contact with human skin.

Impurity extraction test/Elution of impurities such as surfactants (immersion in water)
  • Image : BemlieseBemliese
  • Image : CottonCotton
  • Image : Viscose rayon/polyesterViscose rayon/polyester
  • Image : Cotton gauzeCotton gauze

Nonwoven fabrics were immersed in solvent to compare their elution of impurities.
Because Bemliese is made with no binders, very few impurities were eluted.


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